Middle School Transition

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The transition from middle school to high school is a big one. It is one of the final steps students take toward the real world. Sadly, some don 't make it through this transition. There are ways to lessen the burden, one is possibly chunking the main classes into short demonstration classes to prepare for the transition. This would allow them to become more accustomed to the different mindsets and atmosphere of the new school, and therefore allow them to become better prepared for the next year. The younger middle schoolers could even receive helpful study tips from their older and more experienced high school counterparts whom have gone through the transition they are preparing for and whom know what things they should do so as to be better …show more content…
There 's only so much that can be learned. There comes a point when a student can 't learn more than they have already learned (2-6). There is a learning threshold. No student can cram an entire subject into their head in a day. This is why each subject is spread out into an entire year, gradually getting harder and building on the previous piece. Each subject is chunked into what is considered manageable pieces. "One significant mistake students sometimes make learning is jumping into the water before they can swim. In other words they blindly start working on homework without reading the textbook, attending lectures, viewing online lessons, or even speaking with someone knowledgable (2-6)". Why some students try to cram this into one night is absurd. Completely disregarding a subject, and then trying to cram the entirety of its contents into ones brain in the span of a few hours to receive a passing grade is completely idiotic and should never be done by any student, but there are those that do. They wait till the last minute to prepare and try to absorb the entirety of something that is too big to be absorbed. Is they are lucky they can learn the basics and maybe one of the complex ideas in their study session. Students cramming are learning past their capacity or Over-learning. Over-learning is good to an extent, but studies show that it can also be a waste of time (2-6). Again, back to the learning threshold. A certain section of a subject is supposed to be spread into multiple weeks or months, not one night. One thing to remember with studying, is to space out the material. Students should not over do a subject and hurt their memory (UCSanDiego). A lot of that information is wasted and would not help students. This is why the possible solution of the core class days could work. It 's taking an hour or two, depending on the subject, and letting the students gradually become accustomed

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