Legal Jurisprudence

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Legal Jurisprudence
Legal aspects of ehealth have been raised with concerns about the accuracy and unregulated status of this aspect of health innovation especially in industrial nation and there are ongoing debate, there seem to be a general agreement that there is need for a proper regulatory framework to be put in place and bio-data collected need to be protected with a universally acceptable privacy and data protection policies, this is to prevent the abuses of patients electronic health record and also prosecute cybernetic criminals who try to hack into health system without authorization. This legal aspect needs to be looked into in light of the growing cyber-threat and extremist and terrorist with the possibility of security breach
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1. It is recommended that a gradual shift to employ staff or health workforce that have knowledge of technological advance usage in the health sectors however adequate incentives should be added such as Employers ensuring that reduce the stress generated when their staff tries on daily basis to balance clinical practice and obligations at their respective, these services such as day care and elder care, regular laundry, banking activities can be subsidized , this will motivate others to seek technological advances and help drive the ehealth general application and interest in technology will hence this initiative
2. For emerging and developing nations there has to be adequate budgetary provision for health, it is what will assist to attract the right skilled professional and provide the infrastructure that can support

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