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  • Analysis Of Amazon's Organizational Culture

    culture: ‘it’s the way we do things around here.’ The unconsciously embedded assumptions are the most difficult to measure and evaluate, especially when Amazon’s employee turnover is at an ultimate high. According to former employees, the underlying assumption that guide behaviour and how members perceive Amazon are based on the idea that their hard work would pay-off, in hopes of becoming wealthy by the stocks awarded (BBC, 2014). Another underlying assumption is based on Amazon’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’ environment, where competitive employees battle amongst each other, to stay in the company, progress and succeed. The power of Amazon’s culture dominates through this almost forbidden assumption that is shared and mutually reinforced (Schein, 2004) through various tools implemented by higher management. Employees are expected to re-interview for their job, while in that position and receive constant reminders that people outside want their job (Gawker.com, 2015) which underlines that competitiveness is a dominant trait which characterizes a generic Amazon white-collar employee; the nature of the office is an unconscious act built around these natural…

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  • Can Organisational Culture Be Managed

    Take Sainsbury’s and Tesco for example, they went to court for their price campaign, but now the new campaign, the customer service comparison, has been sparkled among supermarkets. The cheap prices they offer is not enough for customers, so they could not cut corners on customer service as another way to have bigger market shares and better goodwill. (Ogbonna & Wilkinson, 1990) the other factor is the industry-related environment. Technological factor will be used to illustrate how…

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  • ASB Reflective Report

    Culture isn’t a topic that is easily defined. This has been seen through the many different types of definitions from academics. For example Edgar, (2010) discusses that culture draws on themes from sociology, social psychology, cognitive phycology and anthropology (Edgar H, 2010). According to Kotter (2008) argues that culture is the totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, beliefs, arts, and all other characteristics of a community or population. (Kotter, 2008). Moreover, Scahill,…

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  • Organizational Culture Observation Report

    It looked just like any other store. Then the other day in class when I was learning about organisational culture and values, it suddenly struck me that these were the things that I was looking at the previous day at the Warehouse. By looking at the way they worked at the Warehouse I was unknowingly experiencing their culture. Then as I learnt more about the Schein 's model of the 3 levels of an organisational culture, I started to connect the dots. All that I could see at the Warehouse the…

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  • Culture Of Astute

    quote which founder and Managing Director Paul Woods used to describe how the culture benefits all those within the organisation. (Clegg, et al, 2008) notes that "culture is not displayed on the surface; instead, it is hidden and often unconscious". Schein (1997) on the other hand, goes a step further and describes organisational culture as the assumptions and beliefs that all the individuals within the organization collectively share. To add to this Schein refers to three levels of…

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  • What Is The Relationship Between Organisational Culture And Misunderstandings?

    and write in the major paper. I want to understand about the organization culture including the relationship between organizational culture and communication, and organizational culture and misunderstandings. In my major paper, I will interview Mrs. Ha Tran, the Finance Manager of Ho Tram Project (HTP) Company and Mr. Binh Ngo, Human Resources Manager of HTP Company, and I used reliable databases- ProQuest, Google Scholar, and the text book to support my arguments. I want to show you my thought…

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  • The Impressionist Movement: Edgar Degas And Mary Cassatt

    The Impressionist Movement: Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt Throughout history, art has acted as a medium of expression for many of the political and social issues that surrounded the artists. Artworks inspired new art movements, and other times it was the political and social circumstances that brought on a new range of artists and styles. The 19th century moved through many art movements, but one that dominated most of the late 19th century was Impressionism. Impressionism was an art style that…

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  • A Mandoline Prayer By Mary Cassatt And The Impressionist Movement

    her paintings for some money, but didn’t have much success. When she started to lose hope, she received a commission from the archbishop of Pittsburg to paint two copies of pieces done by the famous italian Schultz 4 artist Correggio. She accepted and was able to travel to Italy to study the original paintings. She continued to build her career in Europe and her paintings were once again showcased by the Salon from 1872-1874. (bio.com, “Mary Cassatt Biography”) She eventually grew frustrated…

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  • Wuthering Heights Character Comparison Essay

    these words because he feels like Heathcliff’s plan was to just come into the family to create problems. Heathcliff wasn’t only violently hurt, but also emotionally hurt by Catherine. “It would degrade me to marry Heathcliff now; so he shall never know how I love him: and that, not because he’s handsome, Nelly, but because he’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same; and Linton’s is as different as a moonbeam from lightning, or frost from fire.”…

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  • 19th Century Analysis

    of the person. The works Woman Bathing (1890-1891) by Mary Cassatt| and Woman in a Shallow Tub (1885) by Edgar Degas| both show women…

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