What Is The Relationship Between Organisational Culture And Misunderstandings?

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I chose Organizational Culture to do research and write in the major paper. I want to understand about the organization culture including the relationship between organizational culture and communication, and organizational culture and misunderstandings. In my major paper, I will interview Mrs. Ha Tran, the Finance Manager of Ho Tram Project (HTP) Company and Mr. Binh Ngo, Human Resources Manager of HTP Company, and I used reliable databases- ProQuest, Google Scholar, and the text book to support my arguments. I want to show you my thought and how can I apply the theory to solve the misunderstanding problem of the different cultures in different organizations.
Organizational culture is defined as a system where members share values, beliefs,
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Firstly, understanding deeply what requirements of an organization that employees should have and how to behave to reach the highest level of managers’ satisfaction help members cooperate with each other easily. Hence, the productivity of team-work is improved and become more effective and proficient. Mrs. Ha said that HTP company encourages members to make friends and build friend relationship in the company. The main reason is members will understand clearly others’ value, thoughts, experiences, and information of a firm quickly. Thus, members can trust, share opinions freely, and co-ordinate harmoniously to get the best idea for the company. Hence, understanding organizational culture helps an organization improve productivity and performance. One of other results is that when employee understand and fix with that organizational culture, they tend to not leave the company and move their workplace since having less stressful in misunderstanding communication, and know what and why they should do those things. Thus, a company may save the turnover costs and maximize its profit. Put otherwise, making employees understand a company culture is vital and indispensable to operate a business effectively and …show more content…
In other words, an organizational culture clashes with local culture (Meyer, 2015). For instance, after being fired, within 30 minutes, the fired staff, who has position above middle manager, must move out of the office and give back all technology given by HTP company such as cell phone, laptop, and IPad. An outsider or a newcomer may think HTP treat employees unrespect, unfair, and heartless. The reason is that Vietnamese companies tend to give the fired employees at least 15 days to prepare for new jobs. However, HTP company, a Canadian company, operates based on logic rather than sentimental opinions. Also, the truth is that because HTP is working to run many different projects. The information is identification, managers wants to mange and control the flow of information so they must make the fired unable to share company and customers’ information. I believe that if a new members have a training session to learn about a company culture before working for that company, they will understand more about the company

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