The Crucial Role Of Non-Jewish Women In World War II

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Throughout the entirety of the second World War women played a crucial role in supporting their countries. Although many of these women were not in the spotlight like their male counterparts, the actions they took in order to aid their respective causes have now put their names down in history. Each country involved is now able to stake claim to at least one woman who was able to make a mark on their war efforts, whether it be good or bad. Germany in particular had a large number of women who were involved in their Final Plan, but despite what would be presumed there was not a large amount of women who opposed them. This means that the women who put themselves out on a line to save the Jewish people were effectively putting themselves at a …show more content…
A select few women out of the population, however, came into power and took up positions in concentration camps whether it be because of a marriage to a S.S. officer, or just because they earned the position themselves. Ilse Koch is now one of the most well known S.S. concentration camp overseers. She married Karl Otto Koch, and the two were transferred to Buchenwald, where she took her position as camp overseer. What distinguished her from the rest of the women working in the camps was her particular methods of cruelty. Ilse was known for riding her horse through the camp and beating any inmate that so happened to catch her eye at the time. Another one of her favorite activities was rumored to be watching the inmates come in to the camp for the first time and looking for any tattoos or body markings that she fancied. If she saw one she fancied she was likely to order almost immediate death for that inmate. This process resulted in many new human skin lampshades, book covers, gloves, and even a purse for Ilse. Eventually in 1947 she was sentenced to life-imprisonment, but she was released only two years later to be retried and then resentenced to life-imprisonment again in 1951. It was during this sentence in 1967 that she committed

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