Anne Frank

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In the diary of Anne Frank there is a quote that verbalizes, "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart." This can be interpreted in many ways. To start off, this quote can denote that the Nazis are still human in spite of all the unacceptable evil they have done. To start off, Anne is very heroic and vigorous to verbalize this. Also, she contemplates all the good, and resplendency that is left. Even in a crisis, Anne looks for the comeliness in the world. To add to that, Anne is always thinking someone will preserve her, because it is the right thing to do. In this essay, I will talk about how the quotes from the play of Anne Frank can fortify this thesis.

Anne was a Jewish girl who fell victim to the Nazi party. At first, Anne was an adolescent, but then she had to go into hiding. Then, Anne and her family had to peregrinate to an Annex to hide from the Nazis. This was a very brutal time for Anne. The Annex was a nightmare for Anne to live in. After that, they went into hiding, because they were Jewish. They could not talk or move while it was daytime. This was done to obviate anyone auricular discerning them. Every time Anne would aurally perceive a noise, she would
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This will lead to someone transmuting the world into a salubrious place and rescuing her. This verbal expression can be proven by this third quote, "If you find this diary, keep it for me." To start off, Anne likely designates that she is waiting for a hero to rescue her, because it is the right action to do. Additionally, she might suggest that the world will transmute for the preponderant, because anybody can preserve the diary in the honor of Anne Frank. To add to that statement, Anne is a very optimistic cogitator and always takes the positive in life. This is how this quote expounds how Anne is thinking that someone can preserve her and transmute the world for the

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