Restaurants As Cultural Ambassadors

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Ethnic Restaurants as Cultural Ambassadors.
Ethnic restaurants are very influential in the representation of foreign cultures. They act as important socializing agents presenting foreign ways of life in a different country. Due to their foreign themes, the restaurants provide the clients with comprehensive and precise details about the foreign culture. They offer the clients an opportunity to explore the foreign ways of life in their country. The restaurants provide insights to various ways of life in the foreign countries ranging from the spiritual traditions to social as well as economical (Kelly & Robert, 2). Additionally, the ethnic-themed restaurants culinary practices unique to the ethnic group thus allowing culinary crossings. Exposure to such information often leads to the appreciation of the difference in cultures between the two countries; therefore, the ethnic restaurants not only serve the need to satisfy the physical hunger but also serve as influential cultural ambassadors.
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However, the customers have become accustomed to their own kind that creates the need to venture into other territories. For the dining patrons, the ethnic restaurants provide an authentic diversion from the routine. The customers get more than simply satiating physical hunger. The Din Tai Fung Dumpling House creates an opportunity for interactions with different people from different backgrounds. The restaurant carries the Chinese cultural themes of the respective ethnic group. Because of their nature and setting, the restaurants expose the patrons to a wide range of detailed Chinese cultural insight. The customers have the opportunity of learning about the other cultures through the setting, the language and most importantly the types of food offered by the particular restaurants (Pitcher,

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