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  • Symbolism In Jesus Camp

    is meant to show the indoctrination occurring in the camp and their disapproval of the Evangelical movement. This all during a very controversial time in our country in which Evangelicals have helped President Bush to be elected, who now is under…

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  • My Family And Political Socialization

    wanted me and my brothers to think on our own, develop our own opinions, and have the ability to stand up for what we believe in whether no body agrees. My parents encouraged us to be independent thinkers, and to always ask questions. Another reason why I would say my family has influenced me politically is because of our lack of political discussions as a family. The lack of discussions has reinforced my belief that the government is not very important in my life. These many reasons are why I…

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  • Indoctrination In The Book Thief

    Book Thief Essay Through the skillful use of indoctrination one can make people believe one race is better than another or that an extremely wretched life is paradise. Uncritically believing and following someone because one has been conditioned to, is an essential aspect in the novel “The Book Thief”. In the novel, by Markus Zusak there are several significant moments that protrude to let the reader concentrate on the overall motif of indoctrination. Zusak portrays the motif of indoctrination…

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  • Indoctrination In The Children's Story

    Analysis of The Children’s Story Indoctrination is to teach (someone) to fully accept the ideas, opinions and beliefs of a particular group and to not consider other ideas, opinions and beliefs. Indoctrination was seen in the book The Children’s Story by James Clavell where the New Teacher was the one indoctrinating the children. The New Teacher indoctrinates the children to change their beliefs to become similar to the New Teacher’s nation since there was war between the New Teacher’s…

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  • Indoctrination U. Rhetorical Analysis

    The article “Indoctrination U.? Faculty Ideology and Changes in Student Political Orientation (Excerpt)” by Mack D. Mariani and Gordon J. Hewitt discusses the article “Indoctrination U.” by David Horowitz and proceed to display their own findings of political indoctrination in universities. Mariani and Hewitt use very effective means to portray their argument and manage to do so in a seemingly unbiased way. The authors argue that little evidence shows faculty ideology affecting students and is…

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  • Importance Of Indoctrination Of Aryan Children

    How important was indoctrination of Aryan children to ensure success in the Holocaust? Introduction The essay will discuss how the Nazi government used education, media and the Hitler youth to impregnate their ideology into children. These are particularly important themes for assessing this historical debate. This essay will argue that indoctrination of children was one of the key movements to ensure the success of the Holocaust and secure an all-German nation. Contemporary sources are widely…

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  • Similarities Between Hitler And Stalin Indoctrination

    Indoctrination is “To teach people to accept a system of beliefs (thoughts) without questioning” (Say-Mean-Matter). Stalin used indoctrination in schools and universities. “Under Stalin, the government controlled all education from nursery school through the universities. School children learned virtues of the communist party. College professors and students who questioned the communist party’s interpretations of history risked losing their jobs and faced imprisonment” (Modern World History…

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  • Tradition, Indoctrination, And Conformity In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

    Humanity is adaptable, we can conform to many situations and lifestyles. It’s our evolutionary trait that makes us inimitable, it’s our capacity to find comfort at seemingly odd times. To conform is to change, we, however, detest change. This hatred for change gives rise for complacency and ultimately traditions arise from the very same complacency. With traditions in place, various forms of indoctrination occur to prolong the practices of those traditions. Tradition, indoctrination, and…

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  • Indoctrination Of The Farms In George Orwell's Animal Farm

    picture of a utopian world where every animal was to work to his capability, and still never go hungry, and enjoy luxuries that were never even thought of with Jones on the farm. But when the revolution became a reality, Napoleon took over along with most of the pig. And because they were thought to be superior they kept all the luxuries such as the milk and apples for themselves, leaving an even more miserable life for the rest of the animals on the farm. So, the question arises, how did…

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  • Analysis: Youth Indoctrination In North Korea By Niki O Brien

    In the article entitled “We grow as we learn: Youth indoctrination in North Korea”, Niki O’Brien talks about how indoctrination of future generations is embedded at a young age in education, music, and everyday life in North Korea. O’Brien mentioned how education is a huge and very vital factor in contributing in an effective systematic indoctrination. In school, children are taught that South Korea was the aggressor of the Korean War and that the Americans were their enemies. 1 Students…

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