Importance Of Indoctrination Of Aryan Children

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How important was indoctrination of Aryan children to ensure success in the Holocaust?
The essay will discuss how the Nazi government used education, media and the Hitler youth to impregnate their ideology into children. These are particularly important themes for assessing this historical debate. This essay will argue that indoctrination of children was one of the key movements to ensure the success of the Holocaust and secure an all-German nation. Contemporary sources are widely accessible, making the ability to understand the measures Nazis underwent to indoctrinate Aryan children and segregate those that were not much simpler. It is important to note that many were familiar with ideas regarding racial hierarchy and their
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Education was used to illustrate the key themes within Nazi ideology, curriculums were altered to ensure ideas of race and nation were implemented from a young age. Racial awareness was introduced, whereby teachers would educate students on the financial burden of a disabled family to the state in comparison to a ‘healthy family’ . Lessons such as this were taught regularly, allowing Aryan children to understand where they belonged amongst other racial groups and the disruption Jews had caused by coming into the country. Children were affected in a variety of ways by the new Nazi education, where children spent most of their day at school, indoctrination was effortless Lynn Nicholas explains this further, stating children can be weaned from their families and fed the National Socialist principles . Many parents were not in favour of the new system and the Nazis were fronted with many complaints and resistance to this; however this only put the parents at further risk, in response to this children where then encouraged to inform on their parents who were suspected of opposing the regime. Tomi Ungerer in particular claims that his teachers encouraged him to

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