Leo Sharuss The Re Education By German People Analysis

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The Re-education by German People In this essay, Leo Sharuss explained the issues that concerning about re-education of the Jews of Axis countries provided by people. Leo Sharuss was the Jews writer who was born in Germany, but he escaped to the United States when Hitler got power because Hitler and his followers treated the Jews people very bad, and they killed them. They did not let Jews people to have normal live even if they were born in German. This essay talks about Nazi’s education which it gave more specially to people at that time. Education played very important role in Nazi Germany, and Hitler was present Germany because it helped the army to have more followers than before. It means that education in Germany had many good effects …show more content…
The have to take information to help their countries to be improved. The education that Nazis people provided was bad, there were lots of students that all of them men, so there is no equality between women and men in education. However, small amount of women were participated in the war, but many of them were not educated and there is no rule for protecting and treating them like men. At that moment, the education in Germany had to replace by another education which help the country to improve and good for all people. According to Leo Shrauss, “When we speak of re-education, we imply that the wrong education, which is to be replaced by a second education, by a re-education, is of crucial political importance” (Shrauss, 531). It means that the education of Nazis people was not really good for people in Germany, so they had to replace it. Germans thought about the teachers for their children and followers and they did not want to the foreigners teach them because they wanted to be great that other countries. Also, Hitler did not give the Jews people their ID because he thought that they were not people, and he treated them badly, so they did not have good life, and they could not teach or work in Germany. Germans chose their teachers from them. Another important event that was happen is the moral

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