Linking Data To Wisdom

Linking Data to Wisdom In healthcare data is readily available. There are millions of studies attempting to prove or disprove any fact a health care provider can ask. Understanding how to apply and impart knowledge gained from data is one premise of nursing informatics. In the medical industry, the goal of data, knowledge and wisdom is to enhance the delivery and effectiveness of health care. The purpose of this paper is to use the extended Graves and Corcoran Metastructure model, which include wisdom, to ascertain whether available data concerning contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) can be utilized to validate a standard of care in one hospital’s pre-operative area.
Preventative Measures The question of when and how to treat for possible
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The model included three concepts: data, information, and knowledge. A fourth concept, wisdom, was added to the model by R. Nelson, in 2002 (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2012).Each step was completed for the purpose of examining the questions proposed in this …show more content…
Recognizing that medicine is ever-evolving, the studies chosen were systematically organized by date and results. Results were then broken down by favorable for saline, sodium bicarbonate or inconclusive. The data from the articles closed was interpreted. Of the six articles chosen the data was sorted by conclusion and recommendations for safe pre-procedural care of predisposed patients. Of the six studies reviewed, one commonality the studies exhibited was intravenous hydration for at least 12 hours post procedure was the most efficient treatment for patients. Two studies listed Sodium Bicarbonate as more effective if given two to three hours pre-procedure along with continuous treatment for at least 12 hours. One study was inconclusive. One study cited hydration with normal saline just as effective as bicarbonate. The final study listed bicarbonate as more effective at a one-month marker with three-month laboratory values measuring the same as saline.

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