2016 Summer Olympics

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  • Brazil Struggles

    Many of Brazil’s citizens were kicked out of their homes. The cost of Food rose and the standard of living plummeted. All the while the government and large corporations were making a killing in trade. In 2013 the announcement that Brazil would host not only the Confederations Cup and the World Cup, but also the Olympics in 2016, the people had had enough. According to the Guardian, “At least eighty cities held demonstrations with a turnout of over two million. Some protestors wore Guy Fawkes masks to emulate the Occupy Wall Street protests here in the states. Some protestors were seen wearing red noses to show that they no longer wanted to be treated like clowns. These weren’t just young people, but white and blue collar working class people as well.” This went on for years and there is still unrest in Brazil as they fight for clean drinking water and better living conditions. The 2016 Olympics and other mega events still took place, having bankrupted the nation’s economy, and President Delma Rousseff has finally gone to trail for impeachment. This may not seem like a lot was won in 3 years but here we are over fifty years since Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech and African-Americans are still fighting for equality and against issues that refuse to go away. Brazil has a long uphill battle but if the citizenry continues to organize…

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  • Soft Power In World Politics

    2013132324 Final Paper Soft Power is a tremendous way of attaining success in world politics if one can use it in an intelligent manner. Japan as an example used it in a very commendable and impressive way since then up to now making it one of the best ever used such approach in diplomacy. Supporting instances as well as the recently talked about Japan hosting on the 2020 Olympics shall be discussed. Japan’s changeover from being a negative imperialist state into a peace loving one…

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  • Falls In Argentina Essay

    Fantástico Viaje a Argentina Argentina is a fantastic vacation spot to visit because of all the unique features/places to visit and many monuments to explore. To start off, one of Argentina’s unique feature/place to visit is Iguazu Falls which is located on the Iguazu River, on the border of Brazil and Argentina. In the area of the falls includes walkways to take strolls near it and boat rides to get as close as possible to the falls. This main waterfall was mentioned as one of the New Seven…

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  • Contact Hypothesis: Reducing Prejudice

    The 2016 United States Presidential Election has brought questions of prejudice, and how to prevent it, to the forefront of the American political and cultural discussion. One method of reducing prejudice being continually brought up in think pieces is the contact hypothesis. For many authors of these articles, the hypothesis is something of a ray of hope in what they perceive as dark times. Per James Hamblin (2016) of The Atlantic, application of the hypothesis can be a tool to “immunize” a…

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  • Cortez Masto Ad Analysis: Driving Away Jobs

    Context The 2016 Nevada Senate race is one of the country 's most competitive races. Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, former Nevada Attorney General, and Republican Congressman Joe Heck are competing to replace the retiring Harry Reid. With both parties fighting to control Senate, this close race has attracted the attention of outside groups, including Freedom Partners Action Fund which created the anti-Cortez Masto ad “Driving Away Jobs.” The Ad The ad begins with a mother and her young…

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  • Compliance Roadshow Assignment

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to send an update about the upcoming 2016 “I Comply” Compliance Roadshow. Plans are well underway and the details are coming together nicely! In total, 10 Cigna-HealthSpring offices will be a part of the tour touching over 3,500 employees face-to-face as well as countless others via a recorded video at the end of the roadshow via email. In order to best prepare to your office’s visit, I would like to request a few action items of you. These ‘to- do’s’ are essential to…

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  • Snapchat: A Case Study

    According to the results that were done by a survey for Variety, “44% of Snapchatters who use the Live Story and Discover features do so at least once a day. And 30% of users use the app as their primary means of getting information about the 2016 Presidential Campaign“ (Wallenstein, 1). Snapchat became a power in not only making the public aware of information from the 2016 Presidential Election, but also swayed opinions. The power of Discover does not stop there, but rather has been developed…

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  • Brazil Diversity Case Study

    Introduction Brazil is the largest country on the South American continent, which covers 8,515,770 sq km territory in total and is the 5th largest country in the world. Its population is 205,823,665 people, according to the data collected in July 2016, and mostly consists of white (47.7%) and mulatto (43.1%) people. The percentage of black people is 7.6% of the whole population. The official language, that is also the most widely spoken, is Portuguese; however, other tongues, such as Spanish,…

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  • How To Kristin Armstrong Essay

    Kristin Armstrong Idaho. The City of Boise, Idaho, renamed one of the city’s oldest and most popular parks after 43-year-old mother and full-time career woman Kristin Armstrong, who recently won her third-straight gold medal in the women’s cycling individual time trials at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. After overcoming a diagnosis of osteoarthritis in 2001, Kristin is now the most decorated female cyclist in U.S. history and a leader in her community. The Kristin Armstrong…

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  • Environmental Issues In Rio

    The current year, 2016, has been an eventful year to say the least. One thing that is often overlooked when reviewing the top news stories of the year is the environmental challenges countries have had to face globally. During the summer of 2016, a world renowned event occurred in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, The Summer Olympics. There were many controversies over the location of this year’s Olympics, as Rio is home to many political, social, and environmental issues. One of the environmental issues…

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