Uber Driving Away Jobs

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Context The 2016 Nevada Senate race is one of the country 's most competitive races. Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, former Nevada Attorney General, and Republican Congressman Joe Heck are competing to replace the retiring Harry Reid. With both parties fighting to control Senate, this close race has attracted the attention of outside groups, including Freedom Partners Action Fund which created the anti-Cortez Masto ad “Driving Away Jobs.”
The Ad
The ad begins with a mother and her young daughter in the girl’s room. The next scene is of a family of four with two young children. The father is helping his young son get his backpack on for school. They are all smiling. During the scenes featuring the families the voiceover says, “In a tough
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They link this to more than $70,000 in donations from taxi companies, arguing that Cortez Masto protected special interests rather than Nevadans and their jobs. Politifact (July 7, 2016) rated these allegations as “mostly false.” As Politifact points out, Uber has a history of “legally-questionable, high profile” launches. However, this strategy was difficult in Nevada, which has a highly regulated taxi market. A new company may not enter the market unless it can prove it will not “adversely affect other carriers operating in the territory.” According to Politifact, regulators attempted to negotiate with Uber to plan their entry into the market. However, Uber went ahead with a sudden launch on October 24, 2014. Uber argued that they did not need to apply under the same rules as taxi companies because their non-traditional business model did not fall under the same regulations. The Associated Press article quoted in the ad explains that a judge blocked Uber’s ride-sharing because they were not complying with the law. In response to Uber’s actions, then Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto’s office filed suit to shut them down. The Attorney General’s office enforces state law and serves as legal counsel for state agencies such as those regulating the taxi industry. Therefore, it was her job as Attorney General to take action against …show more content…
One of the quotes from the Reno-Gazette Journal refers to Cortez Masto seeking another court order. However, as Politifact details, this a reference to three attempted requests for temporary restraining orders filed in three different jurisdictions. The orders were filed the day Uber launched. While there were accusations of jurisdiction hoping, the Chief Deputy Attorney General who oversaw the case explained that they were pressed for time and were unsure if an injunction filed in one jurisdiction would apply

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