Limitations Of Empathy

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As the world continues to globalize, we will increasingly encounter individuals who come from different backgrounds. To effectively interact and peacefully cohabit with diverse individuals, we must develop empathy - the ability to understand and share the feelings of another (Oxford Dictionaries, 2016.). Unfortunately, the empathetic dispositions of American college students have decreased since the 1980s (Konrath, O’Brien, & Hsing, 2011). To reverse this trend, college students should take an empathy course that allows them to learn about empathy’s significant role in society and to actively exercise their empathy through assignments and classroom activities.
Empathy is a useful skill to possess because it is a key tool for tackling issues
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This short unit will also warm up the students to begin thinking about the significance empathy has on society through general discussions. The Development of Empathy unit focuses on providing students knowledge on the factors that influence the development of empathy. By understanding these multiple causes, students can possess a clearer understanding behind their results from the Interpersonal Reactivity Index test. The Applications of Empathy unit focuses on providing students examples of real life issues that will help them understand how empathy is applied through multiple areas of society such as in politics, diplomacy, poverty, etc. The Limitations of Empathy unit focuses on helping students acknowledge the negative and unethical sides of being too empathetic. By understanding the limitations of empathy, students will possess a greater understanding on the applications of empathy. The Exercising Empathy unit synthesizes the foundational concepts learned from the previous units and allows the students to intensively and actively test their empathy. The classroom activities - such as the storytelling activities which prove to be effective in developing empathy ( Hibbin, 2016) - in this unit allow the students to become more personal with each other - this vulnerability is vital for the development of empathy (Brown, 2010). This unit also allows the students to apply their knowledge in a project that analyzes the role and impact of empathy in a social system. Time for in-class research is provided, so that students may receive guidance from their instructor as they complete the

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