Empathy In Counselling Essay

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Describe the counselling skill of empathy and expand on how offering empathy in the therapeutic process and helps a client change.
In the context of counselling, empathy is being in and completely understand the emotional landscape of the client as if it were your own and communicating this understanding to them. There are multiple types of empathy such as basic, advanced, invitational and preparatory that can be used to bring notice to a clients feelings. Offering empathy during the therapeutic process emphasizes to the client that their feelings are being heard without judgement. In addition, empathy can be used to confirm understanding that the counsellor understands the client's feelings accurately. This process can help a client change,
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A counsellor must first create an environment where the individual around them feel comfortable giving them feedback. If an individual feels comfortable sharing their opinion with the counsellor they are more likely to do so with immediacy. The insight of another individual will give the counsellor an outsiders perspective and therefore provide insight into what the counsellor may not be aware of.
What is the role of ethics in the counselling process?
Counselling ethics are guidelines explaining what is acceptable and unacceptable throughout the counselling process. They are controlled and maintained by a professional organization or an agency such as the CASW and CCPA. The main purpose of ethics in counselling is to protect both the client and the counsellor from harm during and after the counselling process. They can be used as a guide for counsellors when making decisions on ethical dilemmas with their clients, colleagues or employers.
These guidelines usually explain acceptable conduct in various situations such as dual relationship, physical contact, confidentiality and professional competence. An example of an unethical situation is a dual relationship where the counsellor is dating the

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