Antoine Jones Case Summary

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The US justice systems can be described through a critical analysis of a case law. The legal researcher is supposed to understand the police procedures applied in the case investigation and arrest, the court proceedings and the punitive measures applied. The model of thought that the jury applies, the defence that the defendant uses, and the process the plaintiff presents facts and evidence are given keen consideration (Reichel, 2002).This paper uses US Supreme Court case (US v JONES, 2012) where a suspected drug trafficker was found guilty and punished to a life sentence in a bid of understanding the US justice systems.
Description of the case
Antoine Jones, was a suspect identified as a prime suspect in some cases of drug trafficking. The government investigated the issue through the involvement of the FBI agents and metropolitan police. A search warrant was provided to search the premises of Antoine Jones by the court. The search was done through installation of various gadgets including CCTV and GPS on his property. Then case
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It was investigated since 2005 and the evidence was provided to the court. The defendant tried to scapegoat a fact that the government violated the fourth amendment severally. The government objected to the claims and finally won the case. The government’s evidence was seen as valid, following that the minor case of negligence was not substantial to the case. JONES was held accountable for the drug money, the cocaine, and the cocaine base that were found in his procession. Jones is serving s life imprisonment term in prison (US v JONES, 2012). The case is a good example of the US justice systems in action, and it is a lesson to the police, the court, and the government. It also prepares criminals who try to hide their criminal activities behind tort during investigation that even very optimistic chances fail (LaFave,

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