Personal Narrative Essay: The Dealer

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The Dealer
Lucky was a big time drug dealer , he was around about I say 23 years of age , he started out real young watching his dad bringing in money but he didn't know what he was doing to bring in that type of money so he got curious and starting selling little nickel and dime bags . Lucky started getting into trouble. He started getting careless like he was untouchable . He started slipping up he would drive with drugs on him and he always would use the same route he never switched his routine up. So since he was so comfortable with how he was doing things, people started talking and telling so therefore it caused lots of commotion in the City of Brooklyn, So when he left his trap house the police followed him and pulled him over for
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That was actually the 1st Initial Contact they had with him when he first started dealing drugs. Majority of the times when lucky was pulled over he would always have large amounts of money on him or he will have nice designer clothes on along with flashy jewelry so they know that somehow he was in the drug dealing business . So they started to Investigate his every move, they was trying to see who he hung out with, where did he work , and who he had contact with. So where he stood at on the corner to sell drugs he out of the blue just changed his post up spot because he was trying to see who had moved in the city that was new because his business wasn't flowing as usual . all of Lucky homeboys was telling him you getting way too comfortable. Then , Lucky started dealing dope to new face customers he was dealing to people he didn't know just to get business all over $1 bill. So he ended up selling cocaine to an undercover Drug Narc so after he noticed he took off running towards his trap house and they …show more content…
So the judge and detectives presented everything and the evidence. Judge M said so Lucky you know what I'm going to I’m going to set you an arraignment date up in 61 days. So Lucky said he was guilty to some of the charges but not the drug trafficking charges and child endangerment. So Judge M set Lucky bond at 250,000 , probation for 3 years , 20-25 years must complete the minimum 10 years and then he had to take drug classes. So Lucky knew right then he wasn't going to see his son for a while so he decided to take a plea bargain . The plea bargain dropped 90 % of all his charges. So he still had to go to trial for the drug trafficking and violation of probation. So he was found guilty for those 2 charges and was sentenced to 5 years in jail. So he started hiring more lawyers to try to get him out early because one of his sons had got really sick. Therefore the lawyers asked Judge M for an Appeal because they believed that their was a mistake . So after 2 years they put him in a correctional treatment called Bronx Halfway House. A couple of months later he was released from the Bronx Halfway House due to good behavior. His postrelease was like this community center where convicts went to just play around but it had light

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