Essay On Darnell's Narrative-Dance With The Devil

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Dance with the devil
The rain dripped, drop by drop hitting the concrete driveway of a trailer park home in the middle of Las Vegas. Inside laid Darnall flat on his bed dreaming of making millions, being the world's greatest hustler, and sniffin coke. This is the story of Darnell, a young man who had infinite possibilities but became a product of the ghetto. Darnell never knew his father and his mother was never around, she put the pipe down to show her son she was strong when darnell was ten, but for every year she was sober her son's heart simultaneously grew colder. He began to hang out with local crews, selling bags in the projects around his hood, knowing that they were gullible and easy to sell too. Darnell was fascinated by physical, but he understood that money doesn't buy respect. All he ever cared about was his reputation he built hustlin and stealing. The day
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“What do i have to do to get your respect?”
“If you're really as hard as you say, come with us and rape an innocent bystander,then we'll know your hard.”
After that he took a couple of minutes to contemplate if he should go back to his old life of sell weed and crack but his dream of cars and diamonds made him say,”i'll meet you at a quarter to three!” The next day they drove around there hood slowly while it was pouring,Smokin' blunts, drinking' and joking' for entertainment, until they saw a woman alone three in the morning coming home from work.
“Are you ready that's the one”
“I told you i ain't backin down”
So they all slowly and quietly walked out of the car.They walked up behind here and slipped a shirt over head. Kicking and screaming,”HELP GET OFF OF ME!” but no one heard nor came to help,
"This is it, kid, now you got your chance to be

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