Street Crime By George Appo

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With his criminal father incarcerated and his mother deceased, George Appo was left to raise himself at a very young age. George Appo, ten years old at the time, made a honest buck by shining shoes, selling news papers, and sweeping sidewalks. Living in New York City’s worst slum called “The Five Points” George learned the tricks of the trade which allowed him to make a living off of street crime. Appo started running with a group of thugs that people referred to as “street urchins”, with this group George learned how to master the art of pickpocketing. Criminal activities become the main source of income for George, which led him to serving a decade of his life in prison. George was not the only individual in New York’s concrete jungle …show more content…
With corrupt police officers taking payments from criminals to look the other way, it was very easy to get away with petty crimes like: pickpocketing, printing money, and such other crimes. With that being said, there was not much enforcement at the time when organized crime was on the rise. Back then local law was very unstructured for police officers. Criminals were hard to track down because of the little resources they had and sentences were not up to par with the crimes that these “good fellas” committed. It was more structured for the criminals to make money and be able to get away with crimes …show more content…
Also its hard to trust people when you hear about all the messed up stuff going on in the world today.

Most of all, I believe the rise of organized crime has effect culture the harshest. Its sad to say, but when most people think about a criminal they don 't picture a white American male. In the time the reading takes place, most individuals thought of immigrants to be the ones taking part in
Pg. 3 criminal activities, which was true for the most part, because in the book its Appo, a Chinese/Irish decedent was the criminal. In todays age its the same in some instances. When you hear of criminal act taking place most people will assume the individual caught up in trouble is either a immigrant or a African American. Its terrible and wrong to say that, but for the most part people think that when they hear of a crime happening. By no-means am I saying the white man is always innocent or never believed to be a suspect, because there are many terrible crimes that involve white

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