Essay American Drug War : The Last White Hope

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In the movie by Booth (2007), “American Drug War: The Last White Hope” African American, Rick Ross is mentioned as one of the most famous drug offenders in the 1980’s, who was blamed for the cocaine epidemic that harmed black communities. He explained that as he grew his dream was not to be a dealer, rather a tennis player in college but under the circumstances he saw a new horizon in selling cocaine. Illiterate and living in poverty, Ross explains that the attractiveness of cocaine was the money that it provided, as well as, knowing that if he was hungry, he would be able to eat. He became one of the most wanted sellers that had many employees and cook houses all over inner city neighborhoods, which damaged the view of African Americans entirely. Today, he believes that the war on drugs was a completely failure, since there are more drugs on the street than ever before. The characteristics of Rick Ross as an offender were that of poverty, exposure to the underground job, and although the lack of education was due to his personal dislike for learning, he was limited from resources that could help him excel in entering college as an athlete.
Criminal Justice System response The characteristics and decisions of these offenders influence the responses of the criminal justice system in many ways. The system is built of individuals engaged in law enforcement, courts, and correction agencies that work together to make fair decisions (Frailing & Harper, 2013). However,…

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