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. “America incarcerates more people than any other country on Earth,” argues Shane Smith. Seventy-five percent of people arrested for nonviolent drug charges are blacks and Hispanics. For minorities the system is broken because the system is biased to them. The justice system is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but for Latinos and blacks the system is guilty until proven innocent. Society today has proven time and time again how unfairly minorities are treated. America is supposed to be the greatest nation in the world, but this great nation still hasn’t learned how to have a fair justice system. After watching the documentary VICE I have learned that America’s justice system is broken and biased

Many of the inmates are serving
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For example, attorney general of the United States Eric Holder states “The community of color see the justice system as unfair and perhaps it is unfair… justice system that is out of control.” As a person of color I agree that America’s justice system is unfair because you have American doing the same crime as Latinos and blacks yet they don’t get arrested for it. Recently in our society we have seen a lot of deaths by the hands of police officers and most of the people getting killed are minorities. These situations cause distrust between law enforcements and minorities, which causes chaos in our world. Hopefully, in our future we can change the relationship between the police and minorities, but for now we are fighting a war against …show more content…
For example, President Obama states “1 in 17 white men and 1 in 3 black men will end up in prison. It results in an unfair system; every study has shown that our institutions are biased.” For minorities the justice system today is not innocent until proven guilty, it’s guilty until proven innocent. Many color children suffer biases in comparison to their white peers. For example, President Obama states “An African American youth is more likely to be suspended from school, than a white youth engaging in the same activity.” In class we have read how Hispanic and Black students have higher suspension rate than their white peers. We also learned about the school-to-prison pipeline and how students that get more suspension have higher rate of ending in prison. This documentary has proven that minorities get sent to prison more often than whites do; minority students also get more suspension than white students. Thus, both the documentary and our readings prove that America’s justice systems are all biased to people of

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