Summary Of Race To Incarcerate

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Race to Incarcerate: A Graphic Retelling. Sabrina Jones and Marc Mauer. New York: The New Press, 2013. 111pp.

The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world; 2.3 million inmates which equals a rate of 730 inmates to every 100,000 citizens. As Marc Mauer explains our correctional system began with the premise of rehabilitation but has now evolved into a retributive system. Race to Incarcerate A graphic retelling was the collaborative effort of Sabrina Jones and Marc Mauer. The purpose of this book is to explain why the mass incarceration rate has grown to the extraordinarily high level it has. Bringing into focus the very countless social and political policies that have failed us and if this incarceration rate continues: “1 out of 3 African American and one in 6 Latino males should expect to do time”(xii). Therefore, in my view the majority of the information provided all through this book reinforces the information that we have learned throughout our corrections classes.
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criminal justice system. Mauer has written 2 previous editions of Race to Incarcerate, first in 1999, 2nd in 2007 and this 3rd version that combines the artistic graphics of Sabrina Jones, they were able to include a tremendous amount of material from the past four

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