African American Incarceration System

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America’s incarceration system has proven to lack and fail in positive rehabilitation treatments for prisoners. The system has encouraged negative and deep culture shocks of learning such as drug usage, violence, and other forms of harsh crimes. Those who go in for petty crimes end up coming out to commit harsher crimes. It’s no wonder why 1 in 100 american adults are held in a prison system. This system creates more dangerous individuals as well as increased our nation to housing the greatest number of prisoners in the country. The race system especially has been created unjustly with those of Hispanic and African American decent. Wilbert Rideau explains the true struggles and negative learning aspects of staying in prison facilities held …show more content…
The prison system creates a drug infested culture that takes ahold those who once never touched a drug and turns them into intense addicts. While in prison, Rideau recalls one of his cell mates who never touched heroin in his life one day ask for it because he was so bored. This type of act is further evidence on why criminals end up back in prison because they get out the first time so mentally scared and adapted to that environment they do something to just end up back in over and over.
America’s incarceration system has become greatly biased over who is locked up and how long and what type of punishment they must take. Minorities in this country are getting unlawfully targeted and discriminated over the petty of crimes such as drugs. Prosecutors and police budgets are rewarded for convictions, and they are not held to account for their contribution to spending in prisons or for increases in welfare and Medicaid dependence. Our minority population is a reliably easier target for getting the numbers by which society measures law enforcement today
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As well as provides examples from movies such as 1998s Half Baked and even Puss in Boots which is essentially a children’s movie. Our nation has made fun of a very traumatic and extremely horrific problem rising in the prison system. It has been estimated that 4.0% of state and federal prison inmates have reported experiencing one or more incidents of sexual victimization (Oliver). This is only the estimate of those who’ve come forward, imagine all the times and inmates who’ve never submitted reports out of fear or embarrassment.
Not only rape is a huge issue, but the way we conduct punishment on those who act out. We stick them in a tiny little room all by themselves for months on end. No contact and no basic freedom, these individuals don’t deserve that form of punishment. They are still human and though they committed some form of criminal act they still should be treated as humans and not locked up in confined saluted. Their being made out as animals in the pound instead as individuals serving time for committed wrongful

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