Celebrity Politics Research Paper

From Celebrity Politics to American Politics

Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Clint Eastwood; what do all of these names have in common; each one of them was a celebrity who become a part of American Politics. One might assume that most celebrities are more comfortable waiting to their unleash they’re strong views on politics when a gentile discussion occurs, but it seem that they do not do really anything to make change in favor of their views. However, throughout history a few celebrities have wanted to make change and do so by joining politics. They are so few celebrities turned Politian and even fewer that become president. The question that goes with this statement is why do celebrities usually stay in local and state government
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“Under the American version of federalism, State governments have a considerable power, and states and reigns have their own lively political cultures (Ginsberg).” The president is the leader of the United States but if he wants to legalize something or make new regulation, it is very difficult to do at a federal level, but may be easier to do at a state or local level. For example, if the president wanted to legalize marijuana, it is much easier for a Governor to do so for a single state than it is for the president to get the entire congress to agree upon …show more content…
Nevertheless, one has to wonder, do celebrities join politics because they want to enact change or is it just for publicity, one would hope it is for change but it is hard to know. Even though most celebrities go for the smaller levels of government, like Duffy and Schwarzenegger, there are still a few who take the chance to be something bigger at a federal level, like Ronald Reagan. Whether someone is a movie star or a lawyer, politics always has a place for him or her no matter which level of

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