Go Tell The Spartan Movie Genre

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Plot overview Major Baker assigns US army commanders and South Vietnam troops to Muc Wa Camp in South Vietnam. The Camp is attacked severally by Viet Cong, a North Vietnam rebel outfit resulting in casualties on both sides. The only surviving soldier from the camp is an army corporal named Courcey who wishes to go back home after his experiences in the war.
Movie genres are classified as combat, comedy, romance, horror and many others. By watching a movie, the audience can tell the genre by examination of the themes, setting and characters. For a movie to belong to a certain genre, it must follow the conventions of that genre. However, a movie can belong to a certain class but fail to conform to the norms of that class. They
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The movies produced consisted of highly trained and organized army units. The units were depicted as having ultimate military discipline and soldiers who were glued to their mission. The movie genre, however, changed during the post-Vietnam war period. The movies run continuously on the television presented a tough and highly subverted combat war film (Basinger, 2003, pp. 201). Go tell the Spartans is no better. Produced in 1978, the movie followed the corrupted genre misrepresenting the real situation in the battle field. Although the movie was not the usual shooting-and-killing typical of contemporary military films, it was equally inverted and subverted in most of its part. However, as Neale writes, the movie follows the two classic phases of war films: an apparent state of peace followed by an outbreak of war (Neale, 1991, pp …show more content…
The military ideals are eroded in the movie. The position of United States in the battle field is undermined in the movie while the famed success of the US military in war is negated. The movie represents counterculture in the 1970s and failure on the side of institutions and their authority. The end justifies the means, the movie rhetorically expresses the ultimate failure of the US states in the war, underpinning the unimportance of imposing one’s ideals on a people who have their own stand. The movie portrays Viet Cong as a force to reckon with and a challenge to America’s anti-communism evangelism. As revealed in the movie, America used South Vietnamese troops as a tool for advancement of their interests in the war, and not necessarily their partners against a common

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