Refugee Crisis In Syria

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In the past few weeks and months social media and television have been bombarding us about the war in Syria and the refugee crisis that has occurred because of it. This bombardment is important, because without it, many would have no idea what was going on in Syria. Many Syrians have been displaced from their homes in the past four years since the Syrian civil war started and are struggling to find a place to live. European countries have been doing as much as they can to accept refuges, and to give them a fresh start. Since the recent attacks in Paris however, over half of the governors in the United States of America have declared their opposition to relocating refugees into their states. The final say in relocation comes from the federal …show more content…
Most of these migrants are women and children. It is the largest refugee exodus since World War II. Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey are the countries that have borne the brunt of the immigrants. As Syrian safety conditions decreased, the amount of people leaving the country increased. More than 7.6 million people have been internally displaced in Syria. A total of 11 million people, over half of the pre-conflict population, have fled their homes. Over half of the people who have fled Syria are children. The United Nations found that more than 60% of Syrians are unemployed, and most of this 60% are in extreme poverty. Because of all these problems, Syria is now the world’s largest refugee population. Many migrants are struggling to find a new home in Europe. Their trip exodus is usually unsafe, with many riding in leaky boats operated by smugglers. They often try to hitch rides on semi-trucks from their migrant camps. They often try to jump onto the semi 's or hold underneath the truck, hoping that they are headed for better lands, such as the UK. Others will try to jump security fences try and hide in the Eurail, which is Europe’s train system. Many children are traveling alone, often because their parents have died, or they have become separated from their

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