The Miracles Of Jesus Vesus In The Gospel Of Jesus

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In the Gospel of John, the author uses several miracles of Jesus to show that the miraculous acts are specific in nature and directed toward achieving the goals stated in John 20:31. The intention is to understand Jesus is the Messiah and to provide a means of eternal life.1 However, among scholars sometimes there is debate as to exactly how many of these miracles are signs. Most tend to agree that there are at least seven, but a dispute sometimes arises if the Resurrection of Jesus should be considered a sign. Through a review of the purpose of the Book of John, the definition of a sign, and comparison of the signs, evidence will demonstrate that the Resurrection is truly a sign.
The Book of John finds its purpose statement in the twelfth chapter. It is the simple testimony that, “Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life.”2 John declares he is writing the book in order that all who read it might have an understanding that Jesus is the Christ and fully the Son of God. The desired result is that the reader may experience eternal life through Him. John clarifies that Jesus did do many more
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Towns states that the signs manifest Jesus’ glory and convey the idea of a heavenly symbol.8 They are meant to elicit faith as He welcomes those who follow Him based on them.9 Jesus expresses that if people do not trust in Him logically they should at least consider Him for the miraculous wonders He performed.10 It was through these signs He was able to prove to the Jews He was the King of Israel.11 In this context, the definition of Jesus’ signs is seen. A sign, specifically in the Book of John, is an action that points to Christ and helps the lost see Jesus is the

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