Who Was Jesus In Van Biema's The Gospel Truth?

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In the Christian faith, a main belief is that Jesus died on the cross to forgive the sins of the world. That God sent His only son to the world to help save His people. Near the end of Van Biema’s article he talks about how the Jesus Seminar said that “the Resurrection of Jesus Christ was not essential to the faith; and that, in fact, the Resurrection may not have occurred at all,” . This was not surprising to hear, because the Jesus Seminar is trying to decipher what Jesus did or did not actually say. For the Jesus Seminar to believe that they have the authority to decipher whether or not Jesus truly spoke certain words, or took place in different actions should not solely be up to them. The Christian faith is based strongly with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Jesus Seminar, as referenced in Van Biema’s article, suggests that it may not have truly happened.
When reading Van Biema’s article I personally was very offended by the fact that he as well as many others are questioning the facts of the Bible. However, shortly
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I think of Jesus as someone who I can have a personal and close relationship with. Jesus is someone who I look up to, to decipher where and what to do in life. Jesus is a role model, someone who lived the perfect life. Van Biema’s article presents the idea that “Christians’ picture of Christ may be radically misguided” . This is a very bold statement for one to utter out of their mouth because Jesus Christ is a personal God, who one creates their own relationship with. For one to say that their view of the relationship that they have with God is misguided is intruding on one’s own personal relationship with God, and the only person who is to judge that is God himself. My image of Jesus consists of a personal God who I can trust and look up to as a role

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