Essay about The Reason For God By Timothy Keller

1008 Words May 24th, 2016 5 Pages
One of the New York Times Bestseller, The Reason For God by Timothy Keller is known as answers for Christians to grow their faith in God. Keller uses his philology, and his knowledge to discuss the doubt and skeptical from not only atheists, but also Christians in religion. Furthermore, The Reason For God provides for the readers about God and the central of Christian belief. Thus, Keller creates a strong connection for Christians and God in this book. The book has two main parts that Keller addresses his messages. Keller emphasizes on the doubt and argument at the beginning of the book; then he continues to explain the Christians. The first part in the book is where Keller solves and explains the argument that against that Christians. In fact, he mentions lots of arguments that raised the most doubts and skepticism. The second part of the book, Keller emphasizes the meaning of being Christians and the relationship between God and Christianity. Part one of the book is Keller’s explanation with dogma debate about religion. As mentioned before, most of the arguments in the book are raised the most argument about God and Christian. At the beginning, Keller mentions the doubt why there can’t just one true religion. Also, he talks about how the government tries to narrow religions to get rid of religion war. While people keep arguing and fighting in the book, Keller says that Christians can keep the world peace from religious war. One of the most highlight chapter in part…

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