The Messiah: Revled, Revealed, Received By William Varner

The book “The Messiah: Revealed, Rejected, Received” by William Varner explains to us what a messiah is and why we even need a messiah.. The book shows that when the Jews wanted God to send them down someone they were not satisfied with what God had in store for them. Lastly we see who the messiah God sent is, and how that after most people walked away from the Lord, some were still choosing to follow. As this book goes into great detail addressing all those topics I just mentioned, the overall theme is showing us what a messiah is and what the importance of one is from the point of view of a believer, while still being aware of the Jews believed.
The book demonstrates the jew’s lack of belief. The Jew’s wanted God to send a Messiah but when he did they were not satisfied, for they didn’t want a Messiah so they could praise and honor God, no, they wanted a Messiah for their own selfish desires which caused them to paint a picture in their head of what the Messiah were to look like. The people wanted someone who would save them when they were in trouble, they didn 't truly love God, they just loved what they God gave them. Because the people didn’t truly love God. they therefore
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Varner talks about how most Jewish people overlook this part, because they only are interested in their own glory instead of the glory of Christ. He then addresses what a Messiah is, one who delivers a group, which in the old testament meant that the Messiah would deliver them away from evil and into good. This concept in itself is great, in fact it 's necessary, however what the Jews failed to see is that being saved requires you to sacrifice your heart to God, which also means that God will be over all their false idols. Which this concept they did not understand, as we saw they only wanted a Messiah for their selfish

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