Jesus Is The Messiah Essay

I believe that Jesus is the Messiah. The definition of savior according to the dictionary is a person who saves someone or something from danger, and who is regarded with the veneration of a religious figure. According to Luke Timothy Johnson, Jesus is the Messiah who the New Testament declares is the Son of God who came to this earth to suffer willingly and die for our sins. I am going to compare the description above with some other ideas about who many theologians think Jesus is.

First, I am going to compare the belief that Jesus was Savior to the belief that Jesus was heavenly. Earl Doherty believes that Jesus was heavenly. According to Earl, the religious thinking of the time saw the heavens as multiple parts and Jesus dying on the
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John Dominic Crossan has written numerous books about this topic. In his book, The Historical Jesus, he explains that his approach was to take what is known about the historical Jesus from the earliest, most widely agreed data and set it in a verifiable context. The bulk of the common sayings shows to be eerily specific to the situation that existed in the 20s of the first century in Galilee in which the rural peasantry were being abused as the Romans were advertising the area. The historical Jesus proves to be a displaced Galilean peasant carpenter who had got fed up with the situation and went about preaching a radical message: an democratic vision of the Kingdom of God present on earth and available to all as demonstrated in the acts of Jesus healing the sick and practicing an open public in which all were invited to share. He thinks that the historical Jesus was a traveller whose mode of teaching can be understood on analogy with the pessimistic sage but who was nonetheless a Jew who believed that the kingdom was being made reachable by God. The life-changing message of Jesus Christ was seen to be subversive to the Roman vision of order and led to the fateful death of Jesus by Pontius Pilate on a hill outside of Jerusalem. This whole paragraph is saying that Jesus was born and became a carpenter and then he found God and started to preach the word. To me, it really belittles Jesus. It makes him look like man which …show more content…
Richard Horsley wrote a book that he called Bandits, Prophets, and Messiahs. The main point of the kingdom of God in Jesus ' preaching and practice was the freedom and wellbeing of the people. Jesus ' understanding of the "kingdom of God" is similar in a broader perspective to the satisfied hopes that were expressed in the contemporary Jewish apocalyptic literature. Jesus had utter confidence that God was one day going to restore life back to the society, and that this would mean definite judgment for any of those who enslaved the people and revenge for those who faithfully listened to God 's will and believed in him. God was naturally and presently effecting a historical metamorphosis. In modern parlance that would be labeled a huge “revolution." This one is probably second place to me. I understand that Jesus knew that the end would come one of these days. However, I still stand by my original opinion that Jesus’s main characteristic is that he was the Savior of the

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