The Resurrection Of Jesus In N. T Crumpled's Simply Jesus

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N.T Wight, in his book Simply Jesus argues that modern people are guilty of oversimplifying Jesus, because they do not understand who Jesus really was, what he did, and why that matters. To truly understand who Jesus was, we must look at him from a first century perspective. People believed in many different ideas than what is believed today, so it is necessary to think in a way similar to how people in the first century thought in order to have a better understanding of who he was as a historical figure. To further understand Jesus, Wright argues that one must also be familiar with what he did in his lifetime. In his lifetime, Jesus gave a taste of the reality of what having God as king would be like, and acted as a walking temple. Wright believes that people must understand the implications of what he was doing and how his actions related to God becoming king. Finally, Wright strives to answer why Jesus matters today. He ties in what he did and who he was to explain why Jesus' actions lead to the …show more content…
The true message of the resurrection was not simply "everyone's sins are forgiven and everyone will go to heaven now," it is that Jesus is now the king, and now God's kingdom has begun through him. It was Jesus' crucifixion that won the battle against those who believed they were in charge, his suffering is what allowed peace, freedom, and justice to come to earth as in heaven. God does His work through the church (whose primary objective is to hold the world to account) and people. He exercises his secret sovereignty over nations everywhere; even if a ruler seems like they are evil, or not god -fearing, He still shapes their thinking in a way for them to do His will. It was Jesus' victory in his resurrection that allows this to take place, his resurrection joined heaven and earth together in him and made him king of the

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