New Evidence That Demands A Verdict Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… * New Evidence That Demands a Verdict — named one the twentieth century’s top 40 books and one of the thirteen most influential books of the last 50 years on Christian thought by World Magazine. * I did my research from the book, New Evidence That Demands a Verdict. This book is separated into four parts and I focused on Part 1: The Case for the Bible.

Slide 7: * In New Evidence That Demands a Verdict, Josh McDowell expresses his reasoning for the truth in Christianity through his use of evidence. * In Part 1 of his book, he uses archeological evidence and the ancient manuscripts of the now biblical texts, the fulfillment of the prophecies from the biblical texts, and the miraculous resurrection to prove the truth of Christianity.

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* Josh uses the Dead Sea Scrolls as his main archeological evidence. He says the dates of the Dead Sea Scrolls make their reliability greater. * The discovery of the manuscript of Isaiah dates back to 125 B.C.. Josh says the significance of this discovery relates the Isaiah scroll from 125 B.C. to the Masoretic Text of Isaiah one thousand years later. That proves the unusual accuracy of copies of scriptures over many
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Buddhism claims that after Buddha dies, it was ‘with utter passing away in which nothing whatever remains.’ * The resurrection is the main topic that holds Christianity together, without it, the disciples would have would have been crushed and left empty. If their beloved teacher had had just ended on the cross, they would have lost all hope of Him being the Messiah. The belief of Christianity relies on the belief of the resurrection, and the fact that God raised Jesus from the dead. * The resurrection is of importance because it completes a Christian’s salvation. The uniqueness of the resurrection distinguishes Jesus from all other religious founders. Jesus came to earth to save us from our sin and from eternal death. Jesus’ tomb is empty proving that His love is greater than death. * Another example of the resurrections uniqueness is the reaction of the disciples, before they ran, hide, and locked doors in fear of their Master, and after they became world-changing missionaries and courageous martyrs for Christ. * Read Quote 3 * The miraculous resurrection was unique because it is the only one ever recorded and the only one to have an empty tomb proving its

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