Essay On Paschal Mystery

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The event of Christs Resurrection is part of the Paschal mystery. The Resurrection is one of Christianity’s/Catholicism’s core beliefs because it confirms revealed truths. It is essential to our new life with God. Resurrection is a mystery of faith that we will only fully understand after our death. Jesus Christs Resurrection is the central event of the Paschal Mystery because the Resurrection opens a way to new life, it is proof of our Resurrection, and Jesus’ divinity is revealed.

One way in which the Resurrection is the central event of the Paschal Mystery is the Resurrection opens a way to new life. Christs Resurrection “is the principle and source of our future Resurrection.” As a result of the resurrection death is not the end. Death is now a passage way to eternal life with God. According to, an article by Joseph McCloskey, S.J. on, “Resurrection is much more than a destiny; it is the fulfillment of love.” The Resurrection inspires us to live our lives hope because Christ is with us all. This hope encourages us to endure the hardships of life because we have something to look forward to.
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If we deny Christs Resurrection, we deny our Resurrection as well. According to God’s plan Christ must be resurrected first. When God’s plan is complete, sin and death will be conquered by Christ. The Kingdom of God will then be fully restored. An article written by Joseph Tkach on states that, “When we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior, our lives become hidden in him, and we are with him … We will be united with him in his resurrection, and we will reign with him in his glory.” Through the expectance of this proof we open ourselves to be resurrected into the Kingdom of

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