Jesus In The Four Gospels

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The gospels in the Bible are subjective; they do not just state facts, they are a narration about Jesus’ life and works, which makes it open to interpretation. Everyone has their own concept for Jesus’ ideals of his powers. The only source for historical Jesus is found in the four gospels. While the four gospels have similarities, they also contradict each other. They were also released years after Jesus’ death, and they are not first-hand accounts. The quest to find historical Jesus, requires us to strip the primary resources and look for other evidences for Jesus
The portrayals of Jesus in the gospel is not accurate, and it is impossible to get an account of Jesus that is precise, since no one documented His story from the time of His birth. The story of Jesus can be interpreted in different ways. The church believes the Bible is the “Word of God”. For this reason, the gospels are read together or consolidated to give a full account of Jesus’ life. This approach is criticized because there is a dissimilarity between the gospels. Despite the inconsistencies, the important events of Jesus’ life are consistent in the four
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This claim is refuted by the inclusion of Jesus’ baptism story in the gospels. The early Christians are accused of not record anything that would embarrass Jesus. As a new faith, they needed Jesus to be powerful and superior in order to support their claims. One thing that embarrasses Christians is the baptism of Jesus by John, since Jesus is superior to John. Since Christians did not redact this event, this shows that the text is real. I believe the gospels are the best source to portray Jesus’ life. As mentioned before, the gospels are subjective and open for interpretation. They are many portrayals, and everyone is right in their own way. As long as they are able to prove their interpretation, I believe all portrayals are

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