Bob Marley Research Paper

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“I’m not on the white man’s side, or the black man’s side. I’m on God’s side.”
Bob Marley was an extraordinary man that will always be remembered in many ways.
He grew up in the ghetto and instead of staying, he emerged from it and made a man of himself. Even though he was not always accepted because of his drug use, Bob Marley went on to become a legendary reggae musician. Born on February 6, 1945 in St. Ann Parish, Jamaica, Bob Marley didn’t have much. He grew up in rural village known as Nine Miles and had four siblings, Constance Marley, Pearl Livingston, Anthony Booker, and Richard Booker. Growing up, Marley had a thing for scaring people by reading their palms and predicting the future and he would always be right. One of his longtime friend was Neville “Bunny” O’Riley Livingston.
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Working on his abilities with Joe Higgs, Marley met Peter Tosh who will also be apart of the band. At the time Bob Marley was still a solo artist and he came across Lesile Kong, which liked his voice and had Marley record a few songs, the first one was “Judge Not”, which was released in 1962. He did not succeed as a solo artist so in 1963 Marley, Livingston, and Tosh formed a band known as the Wailing Wailers because they were ghetto sufferers.
They recorded their first single “Simmer Down,” which went to the top of the Jamaican charts in 1964. They also added three more people to the group which was Junior Braithwaite, Beverly Kelso, and Cherry Smith. Even though they became quiet famous in Jamaica they seemed to not be able to work out the financial side of it, so Braithwaite, Kelso, and Smith left the group and soon the original members split up. After that Marley went to the United States to explore the music there and before he came back to Jamaica he married Rita Anderson on February 10, 1966 and brought her back with

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