Bodgies and Widgies

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    Human beings have a need to establish and identity . This gives them a sense of belonging and a purpose for their life at the time. These are the main driving forces that lead to the formation of any subculture. An analysis of all these cultures shows an anchor towards the main influence of a subculture. Whether the anchor is local or borrowed from another culture, it drives interest and sets an agenda towards which a group of like-mined people will appreciate. The Bodgies and Widgies were anchored by the rocker way of life while the sharpies took pride in looking and feeling sharp. At present, the social media scene can be categorized into a subculture based on an analysis of the people who frequent different sites. Through global connections with likeminded individuals, one is able to grown more confident in themselves and develop into better versions of themselves with their strong…

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    escapism from the previous decades’ tumult, punk was aggressive anti-authority music arising in ‘decaying urban neighbourhoods’ of Britain and America. Gangster rap, an expression of rebellion among teenage boys from conservative suburbia, was criticised for misogyny and violence. If the 50s were about rebellion, and the 60s social change, the 70s were a decade of youth subcultures and a society which had lost direction. Despite fears Australian would become a “shabby carbon copy” (Helliwell,…

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