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  • Brenda Ortega's Falsehood Files To Push For Profit Schools

    Brenda Ortega’s ‘Falsehood files’ to Push for Profit Schools presents a witty and fully deconstructive response to the Fordham Institute’s study on teacher absenteeism in public schools and news outlets reporting on it without proper political context. She accomplishes this through skillful construction of the ethos of her argument and logical counterpoints and explanations for each fallacy presented in the report. Ortega’s construction of ethos through metaphor, combined with her logical arguments and guiding diction choices, create a strong argument discrediting the Fordham Institute report through demonstration of public opinion and the statements other authorities in education. Ortega constructs her authority over the topic by assuming the most direct role possible, pulling from her experience as a teacher. She hooks the reader through expressions of exasperation, plainly showing how aghast she is…

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  • For-Profit Colleges Definition

    For-profit colleges in the U.S. are higher educational institutions that are run similarly to a business, with the primary goal of the institution being to gain revenue. Most traditional colleges are nonprofit, however, for-profit colleges have increased in popularity around past 25 years. Well-known examples of for-profit institutions include ITT Technical Institute, Everest College, University of Phoenix, and DeVry University. Most of them have little or no requirements to enroll and they…

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  • Explicit Vs Implicit Cost

    already owned by the firm.” (OpenStax, 2014, p. 159). My husband and I operate a small business which is a martial arts school. At this company we have explicit costs, our largest explicit costs each month are rent and utilities. We also experience implicit costs in this business, primarily my husband’s time – since the business is just getting rolling he does not pay himself a salary, and so the opportunity cost of the time he spends working…

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  • Personal Narrative: An Interview With Mr. Mark

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Mark, an 87-year-old Caucasian male, living in a nursing home in Ontario, California. This man seemed full of life and definitely made it clear that love is what has played a huge factor in the person is today. This man was born a nuclear home in Chicago in 1929. He was surrounded with loving from his parents and an older brother. However, during his high school years, he and his family moved to Arizona due to the drastic weather in Chicago and his father…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of Marijuana Should Be Legal

    I am writing to express my frustration on why marijuana is still illegal for even medical purposes while teh states around us are having huge profit on making marijuana legal.It helps with chemotherapy, Crohn 's disease, weight loss, HIV or nerve pain, and more. However it will be be better if it is full legalized with some restriction with it. Like Colorado has legalized Marijuana and have been profiting seen then, as the tax revenue has been used to a positive purpose; building schools, since…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Business Laws

    Sometimes business laws can create numerous processes for business that can seem unreasonable and not always the most efficient way of doing things. Waiting on a certain patent or approval can put a serious roadblock in production time and profit. However, there are usually reason that these laws exist whether because of a past issue or to prevent certain negative situations. Some laws simply become outdated over time and it is the duty of legislature to update these laws, but that process can…

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  • The Importance Of Moral Values In Business

    2 – Good business doesn't mean have a good moral, because some businessman just look for the profit. If you have money, they will treat you well, once they earn money from you, and you don't have value anymore, they won't care about you. Some businessman are good in business, because they care about their clients, they don't care if they earn a lot or not, what is important to them is trust of the client, that's why they became successful. 1 – Idiomatically speaking, “going places” in this case…

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  • Case Study Of Benetton Group

    order with-out having to get approval from the top saving time and money. And with orders being fill quickly and at a lower manufacturing and disturb using price we can grow our business buy selling our product at a reasonable price compared to our competitors. Not only will this help us gain more market profit but it will also make customers very happy. The only down side would be that we have to rely heavily on these partners and retailers to carry out the business functions properly and if…

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  • Mike And Harvey Motivation Essay

    3.1. Comparison between Mike and Harvey’s motivation: The two most common forms of motivation that people would have within a business are monetary motivation and nonmonetary motivation. Monetary motivation is a form of several reward systems that are all financially based, such as project bonuses, commissions etc. Monetary motivation, however is not all ways ideal as this form of motivation can easily encourage complacency within the employee as they would rather perform the task in a way that…

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  • Napoleon Conquest Of Spain Analysis

    As the demand for profits reached new levels, wealthy Spanish found ways to exploit the Otomí to continue to produce at high levels. Don José Regalado Franco offers an example of how “[he] relied on hierarchal patriarch to favor his Hispanic kin and their neighbors.” (Tutino 369). As manager of the largest land in La Griega, he controlled the number, type, and most importantly, the ethnic identity of those who worked the land. Franco’s records indicate that “By 1811 the Otomí were all but…

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