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  • Interpersonal Skills In Business

    act on what someone says, respond to advise or a request. Make an effort to hear something" (Merrian-Webster, 2016). There are many websites assisting in improving the skill of listening but the one that I found most beneficial was the Forbes Magazine "6 Ways Effective Listening Can Make you a better Leader" written by Glenn Llopis. The 6 ways to be more effective in listening are "1-shows that you care, 2- engages yourself, 3-be empathetic, 4-don 't judge others, 5-be expansively mindful, 6- don 't interrupt" (Llopis, 2013). These skills can be improved by concentrating on the 6- methods. Listening in the business world allow management to understand and reciprocate a response to employees and betters the business overall dynamic. The second interpersonal skill we will explore is assertiveness. The definition of assertiveness is "confident in behavior, disposed to or characterized by bold or confident statement and behavior" (Merrian-Webster, 2016). The best helpful article I found online was an article published by Dr. Shannon Reece on her article 21 ways women can…

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  • Summary Of Thank You, Esther Forbes By George Saunders

    As author George Saunders said in “Thank You, Esther Forbes” on page 62, “By honing the sentences you used to describe the world, you changed the inflection of your mind, which changed your perceptions.” In this simple, yet elegant sentence I would elaborate its meaning as, The more vocabulary you have at your disposal the more vividly you can describe the world around you. Let me give you an example; If you and a 5th grader see an apple on a chair, the one with the more broad vocabulary would…

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  • Dr. John Forbes Nash's Struggle With Schizophrenia In A Beautiful Mind

    There are many kinds of mental disorders that affect those around the world. Perhaps one of the most devastating is schizophrenia. Schizophrenia attacks the ability to distinguish between emotions and thoughts. Perhaps one of the most well-known cases of schizophrenia is Dr. John Forbes Nash. Recently deceased, Dr. Nash continues to be renowned for his theories and work in mathematics, and holds the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize and 2015 Abel Prize. All of these achievements coincide with his…

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  • Summary Of A Beautiful Mind

    on the life of the famous Nobel Prize winning mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr. The movie start with John Forbes Nash in graduate school at Princeton University. At Princeton, he meets a group of graduate students and his roommate Charles Herman. John Forbes Nash was one of the two admired Carnegie Scholarship for mathematics winner at Princeton. At Princeton University, John Forbes Nash was one of the two co-recipient of the prestigious scholarship. During his stay at Princeton, John Forbes…

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  • Dred Scott V. Sandford: A Prelude To The Civil War

    Sandford: a prelude to the civil war.” In this essay, Jackson, offers the critique that the Dred Scott decision may have become known as a travesty of justice on the supreme court record, It was a necessary evil on the road to ending slavery. The Dred Scott decision had consequences that were far-reaching and dealt with Dred Scott, a slave who sued his former masters for his freedom, but was denied in the highest court of the land. In her essay, Jackson like Forbes discusses the Tallmadge…

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  • Movie Analysis: Beautiful Mind

    other words it is more a social science than the medical science. This treatise will analyze and examine two different scenarios in the movies in reference of psychology. First movie called Beautiful Mind (2001) and particularly its character John Forbes…

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  • Abraham Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy Essay

    Wilkes argues that failing to include Forbes’ presence in the assassination story essentially destroys historical consensus on what actually did occur surrounding the Lincoln assassination, “Simultaneously, the research has resuscitated a conspiracy theory which predominated for only a few years immediately after the assassination, but then fell into discredit.” Furthermore, the Forbes story, or prior lack of, opened the way to revisit allegations that the Confederacy was intimately involved in…

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  • Case Study: Apple Computers

    accessed on demand. In addition, the content could be networked across different devices (Forbes). However, just like was the case with the PC industry, the company experienced stiff competition. In the same week that the company brought its iPhone, its competitor Microsoft introduced the Home Server that sought to support digital content in one’s house. There were also other competitors like Sony that provided living room electronics over the years. The company had to walk strike a balance…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The Relationship Between Human And Nature

    During 1850 -1900, the question about the relationship between human and nature was continuously examined by Darwin, Wallace, and Forbes. Charles Darwin with his theory “natural selection” has tracked down the origin of species. His theory was based on the idea of “struggle for existence”. In his document, he said: “the term Struggle for Existence in a large and metaphorical sense, including dependence of one being on another, and including not only the life of individual but success in leaving…

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  • Benefits And Limitations Of The Affordable Care Act

    According to Forbes (2015) the under insured population in the United States has grown. Forbes attributes this growth to the fact that many plans under the Affordable Care Act now carry larger deductibles. This is problematic, as individuals need to meet their deductible prior to being able to use their health insurance. In further supporting this, Forbes argues the least expensive plan offered under the Affordable Care Act is the “Bronze plan, which overs an average of only 60% of medical costs…

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