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  • Comparison Of Ford Mustangs And Camaros

    Ford and Chevrolet are arguably the top two American car companies in the world. I think that Ford Mustangs are a whole lot better than Chevy Camaros because my whole family drives Fords. I grew up with my dad having a Ford F250, and my mom drove a Ford Escape. Even my grandma and grandpas drive Fords and that’s why I got a Ford Mustang for my first car. Mustangs and Camaros have many differences between them that set them apart, like Mustangs have a faster 0-60 time, and better braking. But even though Mustangs and Camaros and made by two different car companies they do have many things in common like they are both are two wheel drive. Even though I think Ford is better, nothing is perfect, the Camaro does have some stuff that the Mustang doesn’t have, like a roadside assistance system. After reading this I hope that you would agree with me that Mustangs are better than Camaros. Mustangs and Camaros have a fair amount in common, small stuff like both of them come with standard keyless entry to bigger things, like both of the cars also come with standard antilock brakes, and a stability control system. I like how Mustangs and…

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  • Ford Mustang History

    Meadows, New York, the Ford Mustang debuted and had the attention of buyers across America. On its first year alone Ford reportedly sold over 400,000 Mustang’s. This car was clearly a success, it exceeded the expectation of sales from the car. The Mustang got nicknames like the “pony car” and the Ford called it “working man’s Thunderbird”. It was one of the best selling cars during the time it debut and it would get better…

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  • Ford Mustang Research Paper

    The history of the Ford Mustang has continued to grow as the years have passed. In 2014 it celebrated its 50th anniversary with many events around the world that paid homage to the most famous model of the oval signature. The Mustang, one of the most legendary cars on the American market, is still celebrating its birthday. Despite the time that has passed by, it remains just as it did the first day: seductive and sporty. In the early 1960s, Lee Iacocca commissioned Gene Bordinat to design a new…

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  • Camaro Car History

    camaro z28, It was designed for a competing car to the ford mustang. The first generation camaros came out from 1966-1981. Back in the 70’s when dirt track racing was starting to get big they would typically use camaros and novas for race cars. If some of you have seen today’s camaros from the older ones they don’t look anything alike the older ones to me i like better because of the looks they are made stronger and more durable the newer ones are made of fiberglass and plastic they would end…

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  • What Are The Dangers Of Cars In The 1960's

    World War 2 era gave birth to a new generation of baby boomers, who were car obsessed teenagers in the 1960s. First, during the 1960s, companies started making smaller, cheaper cars that were more practical for the younger demographic of the market to buy. General Motors released the Chevrolet Corvair, Chrysler released the Plymouth Valiant and Ford released the Falcon, which dominated sales over the former two. Second, teenagers love the adrenaline that they can get from driving fast. In 1955,…

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  • Ford Mustang Business Plan

    1. Coffey Ford Dandenong Description on employing a new sales person to assist with the new Ford GT Mustang 2016. Which is going to be introduce next 3 months. About the role Job title: Sales manager A sales manager position, responsible for: • Develop and maintain sales and promotional campaign. • Developing marketing activities. • Developing sales proposals • Dealing with customers and getting their orders for new car • Preparing sales records and reports • Responding sales inquiries…

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  • Music In The 1960's

    The music movement was led by artists such as Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and more (Candaele). Towards the end of the generation, “In the summer of 1969, for example, more than 400,000 young people trooped to the Woodstock music festival in upstate New York, a harmonious three days that seemed to represent the best of the peace-and-love generation” ( Music was not the only new development going on in the 1960’s. The automotive industry saw something entirely new:…

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  • How Did The 1960s Change American Culture

    leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and The Beatles, but music and politics were not the only things that changed. The automobile industry was about to transform, and it would be lead by the Detroit automakers. In 1965, Ford released the first Mustang, unlike cars of the past this car was smaller but it was fairly sporty. The Mustang looked the part too. Ford dominated the industry for about two years, but the Mustang’s rival was born. In 1967, Chevrolet released its own version of Ford’s…

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  • Camaro Research Paper

    with, “A small, vicious little animal that eats Mustangs”. For us to completely understand the design and meaning of the Camaro, we must take a look at the Ford Mustang and find out where and why it began. After the second World War, the generation that followed, known today as “baby boomers”, wanted to be different from the beginning of their existence. They dressed different, acted different, and also thought different from their parents. Ford Motor Company researched how this newer…

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  • Alfred P. Sloan's Impact On The Automobile Industry

    Have you ever wondered how automobile businesses make so much money or how they have been so successful for such a long time? Alfred P. Sloan and Lee Iacocca were a part of this impact on the automobile industry for two of the biggest companies in the world. Alfred P. Sloan was born in 1875 and became a part of the Hyatt Rolling Bearing Company where he became the president and general manager in 1899. After 17 years, the company merged with the United Motors Corporation that soon became General…

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