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  • Ford Pinto Fires: The Ford Pinto Case

    “A Local D.A. Charges the Pinto with Murder—and Watergate's James Neal Comes to Its Defense,” was one of many headlines in the 1980’s that demanded the attention of every automobile manufacturer. In 2005, Fortune Magazine called the Pinto Fires Case one of the 20 business decisions that “helped create the business world as it is today,” (Fortune Magazine). The Ford Pinto was a vehicle produced by Ford under the leadership of Lee Iacocca. The decision to create the Ford Pinto came in 1968 as the Germans and Japanese were eyeing market share in the United States Small Car Market. By 1971, Ford had created the Pinto, which at the time had the shortest production time in automotive history. Despite several issues and concerns with the design of…

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  • The Ford Pinto Case

    In the 1960s, the automotive industry Ford manufactured a new subcompact car known as the Ford Pinto. Although the company produced/sold thousands upon thousands of units, problems were found during the crash tests. The gas tank would be severely fractured and cause the car to be engulfed in flames. In the following I will argue that the Ford Company was not morally permissible in the Ford Pinto case because considering safety in the Ford Pinto’s production could have easily prevented many…

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  • Ford Pinto Theory

    In the span of eight years during the 1970s, over two million Ford Pintos were purchased by the American public. Unbeknownst to them, the cars they had purchased also functioned as fiery death traps. For eight years, the Ford Automotive Company showed how the theories of Milton Friedman worked in real life. Making millions while taking lives. The Story of Ford The Ford Pinto was the brain child of Lee Iococca, who had taken the helm of the Ford Automotive Company in the 1960s. Iococca wanted…

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  • Ford Pinto Essay

    The decision by the executives of the Ford Motor Company to continue marketing the Ford Pinto is an unfortunate example of prioritizing cost savings over safety. The flaw in the design of the fuel tank was not a mere inconvenience for drivers, but a major safety hazard with devastating consequences. Measuring dollars against human life is an act that conflicts with both ethical norms and legal standards. A company has equally ethical and legal obligation to make certain dangerous products are no…

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  • Case Study Ford Pinto

    In the late 60’s the Ford Motor Company was faced with unyielding competition from its Japanese rivals in the race to the ideal compact car. In effort to keep up the Ford came out with the Ford Pinto, but the timeline from design to finish product was rushed due to Ford’s desire to have the car available quickly costing hundreds of people to lose their lives. Before the Pinto became what it is there were numerous tests done to see if the car would pass the National Highway Safety Administration…

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  • Ford Pinto Case Conclusion

    The Pinto One the controversial news that came out about the Ford Pintos in 1972 was the explosions that would occur involving a low-speed rear-end collision. Also, Accident investigations discovered that victims of the rear end collisions had few trauma injuries because of the impacts, but had burned to death when the vehicles burst into fire. Additionally, after the accidents due to the doors becoming jammed shut. A few people had gotten trapped inside their cars and were unable to escape…

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  • Case Study On Ford Pinto

    Ford during the era of Arjay Miller was a good one for the company. He took his life experiences to drive some ever needed changes to automotive industry. Miller was hit by a driver in his company car, which caused the car to catch fire. This traumatic event was something that he didn’t want to happen to another person, while using any car. The company with his help was driven to produce a safer car. Miller confronted the senate lobbying for strong auto safety legislation. To add fuel to the…

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  • Introduction And Situation Analysis: The Ford Pinto Case

    Introduction and Situational Analysis The Ford Pinto is a subcompact car that was released in the 1970s by the Ford Motor Company. During the late 1960s, foreign countries were slowly dominating the U.S. industry, especially in the subcompact auto market (Shaw & Barry, 2001). To keep up, Ford Motor Company decided to produce the Pinto. Ford was also faced with growing competition from another automotive company, Volkswagen (Dowie). Originally the manufacturing was supposed to be three and a half…

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  • Ford Pinto

    Ford Pinto and Tylenol case The issue surrounding the companies was their products that did not meet the ethical and legal standards. In Ford Pinto case, the company came up with a model vehicle to compete with the Japanese, which dominated the car sale segment. Ford Pinto was invented with its price and delivery low and faster respectively. The car was associated with explosive problems. A problem was detected in the car tank in which the tank was spilling the fuel. This increased the case…

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  • The Pinto: The Ford Pinto Case

    Looking for a car to compete with foreign imports, Ford Motor Company sought a lightweight and inexpensive automobile to address the market share they were losing to their foreign competition. Therefore, Ford Motor Company developed a 1971 model named the Ford Pinto to answer gaining back market share against the foreign automakers. In order to roll it out on time, Ford Motor Company would need to cut the design and production period nearly in half of a normal schedule. Due to the fast-tracked…

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