Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of Marijuana Should Be Legal

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I am writing to express my frustration on why marijuana is still illegal for even medical purposes while teh states around us are having huge profit on making marijuana legal.It helps with chemotherapy, Crohn 's disease, weight loss, HIV or nerve pain, and more. However it will be be better if it is full legalized with some restriction with it. Like Colorado has legalized Marijuana and have been profiting seen then, as the tax revenue has been used to a positive purpose; building schools, since then even the crime rate and accident rates have gone down, and lastly Colorado gets tax revenue of over $40 billion. Colorado 's having a lot of benefits based on keeping marijuana legalized and all their money is going towards education, as well as …show more content…
Some of the restrictions included that marijuana should have the same laws as drinking alcohol does, like no smoking and driving, no smoking marijuana before age of 21 years old, seller should have license, and the sellers have to give a certain percent of tax to the government. It Also mentioned how legalizing marijuana in Colorado helped with the education system, and that tax revenue money could be used for something positive. Or some other restrictions it could have is like it could have restriction like alcohol like some of the restriction could be that the age limit to buy marijuana is 18-years-old, and that is also the age you can sell it. Another similar to the load that can be added to the restriction is that no one can smoke marijuana and drive at the same time as even alcohol has the same restriction. This restriction for not only help control the amount of people that smoke marijuana but you also helped the society as it will maintain order and rules for the people that consume marijuana. There will also be restrictions for people who sell marijuana as they will be required to have a date idea stating that they are allowed to sell marijuana at certain locations because they cannot be selling marijuana different locations with the same ideas that will only profit them not the government. In order for people to be able the song I want a different location to will be required to have their ID changed with that location so they will only be required to pay tax for that area. Something that will help is that having the consequences of smoking marijuana on the package of marijuana as that will help the people be aware of what the risks are of smoking marijuana similar to how cigarette companies now have the before and after image of the lungs printed on the cigarettes boxes. Although I 'm sure that this will not help you to stop people smoke marijuana but it will help create awareness

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