Argumentative Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

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The legalization of marijuana would allow patients to seek unconventional ways of treating debilitating illnesses and would also decrease drug crimes involving marijuana. I believe that science has studies to show that there a link in the relief of symptoms that can be dilating brought on by an illness and that some illnesses altogether can be treated by marijuana. I also think that by legalizing a drug that can be considered helpful to those using it will alleviate the need to arrest and charge those individuals as criminals. Although there are some such as government and physicians that will continue to fight over the legalization of marijuana I feel that science will prove that a change in thought and the regulation of marijuana must …show more content…
Science tell us that marijuana can relive pain, depression, anxiety and a whole slew of other things. I feel that if someone can find relief in something other than an addicting often times misused pain pill is a better option for a patient to have. I feel that my arguments are proven by scientific studies along with scientifically gathered statistics. Stats have shown a huge decrease in marijuana related crimes as well as an increase in resources made available to law enforcement. Science has proven that marijuana/cannabinoids are effective in treating cancers or side effects from cancer along with many other illnesses. I also feel that marijuana can be grown more cost efficiently than that of trying to mass produce medications that in themselves cause addiction and unwanted side effects. I feel that ultimately one should be able to have access to all treatments possible and be able with their doctor decide the best course of treatment or combination of treatments that suits them and their personal medical needs. I feel that with proper sanctions and laws placed on the uses of marijuana it can be an enjoyable recreation such as alcohol and an effective treatment for many illnesses faced in our current

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