Essay Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana

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Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana A well-known 1980’s comedian named Bill Hicks once said, “Why is marijuana against the law? IT grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit…unnatural? (” There are various benefits from this naturally grown herb that America has failed to use to their advantage. The legalization of Marijuana would aid various individuals with the specific health issue they face. Numerous individuals stated medical marijuana was a therapeutic and pain relieving experience. Also, the legalization of this drug would lead to a surplus of new job experiences, this would help the unemployment issue we face today. Rather than having a prohibition of marijuana, the government could legalize this drug and begin taxing marijuana which would stimulate many government …show more content…
Those who are ill could use marijuana medicinally to possibly ease their specific pain. The legalization of marijuana would lead to an abundance of new job opportunities for unemployed Americans. Also, the issue dealing with the influx of criminals in our American prisons would not be as large if we legalized marijuana. Also, the government could reap the benefits of legalizing marijuana by taxing those who wish to consume the herb. Marijuana is also proven to be a safer alternative when comparing it to alcohol. Legalizing marijuana would have a positive effect on the economy and society in many ways. Medically, Americans would have another treatment option. For the government, legalizing marijuana could help our financial situation we face today. Also, legalizing marijuana would offer more individuals jobs in America. Between 1996 and 2011 16 states legalized medical marijuana (Adolescent Marijuana Use). Just think if that was marijuana all together. In closing, legalizing marijuana would help the economy in various ways and should be allowed throughout

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