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  • Foreclosure Crisis Essay

    During the Foreclosure Crisis several years ago, my community was hit hard. I never thought I would see homes in my neighborhood being foreclosed. It was unbelievable. I was in middle school and high school when this was going on and heard my parents discussing this many times. I look back and think there were things that could have been done to prevent this from being a nation-wide disaster. I believe that there are things that can be done to minimize the effect of a foreclosure crisis…

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  • Marietta Ga Case Study

    Having completed your real estate project, perhaps it considered better to put it in the market and wait for the returns be made. Your market success is under the influence of the quality of management that your property receives. Achieving financial success means that you have to be specific on whom to hire for the job. The observation is that many property owners do struggle to find their best property manager match. The reason is perhaps that there are many details to be looked into…

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  • Describe Your A-Level Choice

    Ever since I was young, I have always been interested in various business models and how they are used in everyday life. I have always been interested in business ever since working for my family and this has persuaded me to pursue their footsteps. This was also an overriding factor when choosing my A-Levels and GCSE’s. My A-Level choices have been influenced by the idea of studying Business and Management at University. My first A-Level choice is business because it has given me a detailed…

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  • Rent To Own Case Study

    Wow! Rent to Own! It gives the family that has lost their home to foreclosure a second chance to regroup, re-establish credit and potentially take advantage of today 's real estate market, while putting those significant lessons learned into practice. First of all, it 's hard to say that folks in this category have checkered pasts. Sometimes, job loss, illness or other catastrophic event scan thrust families with decades of good financial records into the most dire of circumstances. Savvy…

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  • The Importance Of Microeconomics

    With every cloud comes a silver lining. I always heard the saying growing up and never seemed to understand its true meaning. While taking a microeconomics class we dug deep into this topic. That’s when I was able to wrap my head around its true definition. I feel as if the economy crash a couple years was bound to happen. Our morals were out the window for a few dollars. Everyone from the buyers to the sellers were jeopardizing significant values to make sells complete. I feel as if we could…

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  • Condos Vs Small Town House Essay

    seen as an attractive option for property buyers, especially for first time buyers looking for a starter family home. There is, however, a lot of discussion on whether townhouses, single family detached houses, or condominiums are better, with real estate forums and websites such as CanDoFinance filled with arguments for and against each option. Some of the main arguments in favour of townhouses are that they are not only more spacious and aesthetically pleasing than condos but also come…

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  • Bullard House Case Analysis

    case today was about the familiar negotiation that we might have experienced or would have a high possibility to do in real life: real estate negotiation. In this kind of transaction, quite frequently, there are the participation of agents who work for their clients’ interests. Sometimes because of their commission from the transaction, sometimes in order to fulfill their clients’ real purposes, they try to make the deal at any cost. From “The Bullard House” case, we could reveal what might…

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  • Case Study: Ted Builder Vs. Powder Mountain

    Ted Builder is an Orthopedic surgeon who runs a successful medical practice in Park City, Utah. He works 60 to 70 hours during the ski season and afternoons during the rest of the year. He earns $200,000 a year. Over the last 20 years, Ted as acquired 316 acres in and around Eden, UT. These properties were purchased because Ted believed that Powder Mountain would become a high-end resort and make the land more valuable. Ted has not actively developed any of the parcels of land. He currently…

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  • Boomerang Homeowners Case Study

    agreement. By passing that law, the skilled investors do what is called a contract for beneficial interest or virtual option, which is a form of trust that falls under the UCC, not real estate law. In layman 's terms, it’s very similar to contract for the deed, but it lies in a trust instead. The owner turns the house from real to personal property by putting it into a trust, and then the seller doesn’t have to do a…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Foreclosure Crisis

    reality learned was that if someone didn’t qualify for a home using traditional, sound lending practices, then they likely shouldn’t be given the loan. The mortgage meltdown also provided an opportunity for new, first-time home buyers to enter the real estate market as home prices were no longer over-inflated. Although the negative effects of the mortgage meltdown were felt throughout our country for several years, the lessons learned about lending practices were invaluable and opportunities…

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