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  • Condominiums For Sale Case Study

    Condominiums for Sale The cost or real estate can differ from region to region and with size and quality. One factor that greatly effects the sale of a piece of property with a view. Such is the data that will be analyzed herein. Can the data support the fact that there will be buyers willing to pay more for a condominium with a view? Consequently, would a comparable home without a view that is considerably less expensive actually take longer to sell? Overview of the Condominiums for sale The…

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  • What Are The Three Basic Approaches To Assessing Property

    There are a couple of different approaches that can be taken to determine a property’s market value. The first important step to finding values of properties is making sure you understand the real estate market you are selling it. By knowing the area and what types of properties sell in these areas, it gives to person assessing the property a better view of what the seller is able to get for the property in question. These people would know what people in the area are looking for in their homes…

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  • A Subprime Parable By Michael Lewis Analysis

    In his essay “The Mansion: A Subprime Parable,” Michael Lewis reported that most Americans tend to desire houses they cannot afford. They start blaming rating agencies and mortgage brokers because they find themselves financially underwater. But according to Lewis claim, the lending business didn’t create this desire. The people did. He explains that most people want a house that reflects how well they are. They think that they will control the house but the truth that the house controls every…

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  • Great Recession Pros And Cons

    Being a Millennial, I recognize how much of an impact the “Great Recession” has had on my life, especially in regards to adopting homeownership. This essay will be written from the perspective of someone who, because of the “Great Recession” has plain and simply, not been able to afford anything in the ways of homeownership. It is not just about the mortgage crisis, the recession, often has affected every choice someone of my era has had to make in their life thus far. The pros and cons of…

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  • Gentrification In New Orleans

    warded off territories of New Orleans’ inner city, whether it may be uptown, downtown or in between are increasingly being overrun by a younger, more affluent race of white upper and middle class investors, eager with thoughts of redevelopment, real estate trends and revitalization. Similarly too what’s being seen in other major cities like New York, where blighted historic neighborhoods are being revitalized at a feverish pitch. An old saying states that, “either you change with the time…

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  • The Financial Crisis Of 2007-08

    investments went before the retreat and were followed by diminishments in family and household spending and afterwards business investments. A housing bubble is an economic bubble that occurs in local or global real estate markets. It is defined by rapid increases in the valuations of real property until unsustainable levels are reached in relation to incomes and other indicators of affordability. This became one of the main reasons that triggered the crisis for the US economy which then…

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  • Benefits Of Home Owning

    Throughout todays day and age many factors come into play when growing up. One factor that I see to be controversial is whether to own a home or rent a space. When taking these two aspects into consideration we come across financial hardships such as proper investment of money, overall loss of money, and what we must show in the outcome. When looking at all the elements I firmly believe that home owning is overall beneficial for individual. The reason for my claim is home owning provides steady…

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  • Property Market In China Case Analysis

    property market in China was in a downturn in the last two-year and it has begun to show nascent signs of recovery in the first four months this year (Fung, 2016). Due to the looser lending policies and the sustained advance in new construction, the real estate prices and sales have risen in recent months (Fung, 2016). The China Index Academy states that Chinese home prices have continued to rise for the 15th straight month in July 2016 (Cao, 2016). The most recent news mentioned that compared…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dual Agents

    why the cost is so high. Buyers & Dual agents Knowing how to work with an agent is very important when purchasing a home.. Unless family or friends are professional home buying agents they should not interfere with the purchase of your home. Real estate transactions are extremely complicated and one little mistake can cost you thousands. As the A Survival Guide for Buying a Home states, “An experienced agent…

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  • Dream Home Research Paper

    SO YOU LOST YOUR HOUSE TO FORECLOSURE. WHAT WILL YOU DO NOW? Maybe it was because of a job loss or divorce. Maybe there was a medical issue. The fact remains, you’re starting over and it might not be anything you did wrong. A lot of people are in a similar situation. The good news is, as a boomerang buyer, you’re in a unique position to bounce back and reenter the ranks of successful homeownership. With a new set of tools and industry knowledge, you can get back into your dream home.…

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