Minors Signing Contracts

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One can agree that it is legal for 17 year-old teenagers to sign a contract, though it will not be enforceable unless one has parental agreement. The real question becomes how to distinguish one of validity and voidability. In regards to validity, depending on the age of the child, the signed contract can be invalid because of the age and or consent. Nonetheless, the important point in minors signing contracts is the voidability of the instrument. For the minor has the right to enforce a contract against the creator of the contract, they also hold the right to void such a contract. With that being said, the son had no right to sign the contract and should be counseled with.
Business Decision
One of the most difficult things in life is to do
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By giving value to people, and providing aid, usually they would help one and give the same value in some form of grace. Not everyone will do it, for only the righteous businessman and women will. There’s a saying that if one does the right thing, goes the extra mile, the odds of getting rewarded are high. Doing the right and just thing also raises self-esteem. When one does the right thing, one not only shows people that one is trustworthy, but it also sends signals to oneself. Not doing the right thing leads one to question their morals and ethics. Usually leading to a feeling of emptiness and sadness. One serious effect of not doing the right thing as an individual and a business is that it provides a lack of deservedness. This effect can really affect one’s future and success. Which might lead to self-sabotage, and even unconscious …show more content…
First and foremost, we will review the reasons why he’s been selfish and making unethical business decision. I will advise and remind him to always ponder about the greater good if ever he’s unsure about what to do. To change, Peterson will have to thrive for improvement and not perfection. I know Peterson will not always do the right thing; we are human after all. Instead, gradual improvements will be necessary to overcome it. Trying to pursue perfection, can lead to disappointments, which can paralyze Petersen from taking any further action to improve. It’s going to take some time, but with the right attitude and the willing to change, Peterson will definitely

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