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  • Enforcement And Voidable Contract Analysis

    Contract Creation and Enforcement Contracts are the critical elements of the everyday business operations, as they clearly define the positions of each party. Nonetheless, some legal issues have a tendency to exist due to the complicated structure and the vitality of the particular elements for the contract creation. The primary purpose of this paper is to discover the nature of the contract formation and enforcement by analysis the essential elements for the contract establishment, Statute of…

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  • Professional Contract Formation Essay

    Professional Contract Formation The idea of creating a contract is to have two or more parties agree to something. This idea is to protect those involved in the exchange. For many circumstances, when dealing with contracts, it can become a hassle, this especially true for agreements without paper written contracts. Such situations can end up in court, this to allow the law to figure out who is right or wrong. With a written contract, the courts or laws can decide who benefits from the terms of…

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  • Ethical Issues In Contract Law

    Contract law is a branch of law that deal with agreements signed between two or more parties usually in a business transaction which is legally binding and both parties have interests over it. All legally confined contracts should portray the necessary elements of a contract. One of the elements is mutual assent-the parties should agree on an offer and acceptance basis for the contract to be valid. There should also be consideration either by one party affirming that I will do as the contract…

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  • Breach Of Contract Case Study

    Since an offer can only be revoked before an acceptance, Jack was only able to enter into contract with another party if Blair and Chuck had not already accepted the contract. However, as the letter was posted on the 21st, according to postal acceptance rule, acceptance will be complete when letter is posted, even if acceptance is lost in the post and offeror never receives it, there is a contract on the date of posting. This was developed on the basis that an offeror who is prepared to accept…

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  • Commercial Contract Case Study

    separate commercial contracts which have been entered into. Different legal issues have affected each contract but on the whole there are three main elements which can be identified, these being, of breach of contract, frustration of contract and a failure with regard to the perfect tender rule. Each contract will be considered separately using legislation and relevant case law to come to a determination as to what remedies are available in relation to each of the contracts in question. After…

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  • Contract Law Case Summary

    unilateral contract between Barbara Wisdom and Lab & a Ladder Construction that holds Barbara liable to pay $5200 in fees, was there a valid contract between Barbara Wisdom, her son Jason Wisdom, and his wife Alicia Jewell-Wisdom, when Barbara signed the promissory note stating, “As promised, if I ever sell Green Valley, I will give the amount of $250,000 to Jason Wisdom and Alicia Jewell-Wisdom for the value of the land at 55 East Frontage Road”, and was there valid express contract between…

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  • Three Elements Of A Contract Essay

    Oh the Contracts I have made When two parties reach an agreement in exchange for something of value there is contract in place. A contract could be written or verbal although a written contract is considered to be more bounding or enforceable. Each person is bound to fulfill their corresponding part of the contract. If either of the parties fails to fulfill their corresponding part the contract will be considered as breached. Examples of contracts are rental agreements on a property, a…

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  • Valid Contract Case Study

    Contracts are promises, offers, and/or agreements made between two or more parties that becomes legally binding and enforcing (Kubasek, p.304). Regarding the situation of Sam Stevens, he created a new security protection inside his apartment, verbally agreed to have it sold from a chain supply store, and then was notified of eviction due to his security protection disturbing the surrounding neighbors. Between Sam and the store, there was never a signed contract made, but as stated above, Sam did…

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  • Advantages And Limitations Of The Reinsurance Contract

    a clause in the reference document, it does not inevitably follow that that clause will be incorporated into the reinsurance contract. The clause could be entirely inapplicable in the reinsurance contract. Due to this, the courts have developed rules that have to be met, so as to ensure that only appropriate and applicable terms are incorporated into reinsurance contracts. As explained by Thomas (2015, p. 46), “In HIH Casualty & General Insurance Ltd v New Hampshire Insurance Co [2001] 1…

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  • Psychological Contract Model

    Outline the features and purpose of psychological contract “Psychological contract is the foundation of employee – employer relationship.” (Shahnawaz and Goswaki, 2011) Notably Schein (1970; p.12) mentions “The notion of the psychological contract implies that the individual has a variety of expectations of the organisation and that the organisation has a variety of expectations of him. These expectations not only cover how much work is to be performed for how much pay, but also involve the…

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