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  • Contract Law: Lesson 5 Short Answers

    Lesson 5 Short- Answer Essay 1. A contract is a binding agreement between two or more persons or parties and make a promise or set of promises for the breach of which the law in some way recognizes a duty. The interactions that are included in a valid contract are offer, acceptance, consideration, capacity, and legality. Offer: The first element in a valid contract would be offer. if there is no offer than there will be no contract. Every contract involves at least 2 parties, the offeror which…

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  • Importance Of Listing Your Contract With A Sole Agency

    Listing—Your Contract with your Agent If you sell with an agent there is an earlier 2nd very important contract you enter into, before your contract to sell the property to your buyer. This is the agency contract. This is the most important to your agent because once signed, about 90% of properties offered for sale do eventually sell It is common for some agents’ business to be concentrated more on obtaining listings and selling off those listings (commonly for about 40% of the agency…

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  • Hobbes Social Contract

    Thomas Hobbes 17th Century English Philosopher in his book Leviathan made the theorized that a social contract was necessary for man to live in harmony in a communal setting and that one could not make a contract with the beast. The notion of the social contract was found in the Leviathan and required two willing participants who acquiesce their needs and competing self-interest for the good of the group thus Hobbes maintained that “To make Covenant with bruit Beasts, is impossible; because not…

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  • Rousseau's Social Contract

    the people must be of complete whole, and that all must comply with the social contract. Mill, on the other hand may argue in advantage to the individual or particular will (the good of the individual), that not all in society will conform to the social contract, and would prefer their private interests and individuality instead of the public good. Therefore, proposing individualism as a threat to Rousseau’s social contract in regards to “the problem to find form of association”. Rousseau…

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  • The Roles And Functions Of Contract Law

    practices are also identified and sorted out by the contract law. As for a penalty, unfair means are avoided in a proper manner. By contract law, the true value is exposed and concentration of work for an output takes place. Contract law makes everything done in an easy way. Contract…

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  • Case Study Of The Breach Of Contract

    existence of a contract of continuous supply, may or may not be valid. The first and foremost issue is the fact that the contract was signed with malicious . Many contracts that are signed by minors are not valid unless the have the parents signature also. Another issue that must be considered is the fact that his son had no Contracts The contract that Marshall had your son sign may be considered invalid on a wide variety of fronts. The first and foremost being a minors capacity to contract.…

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  • Business Tort And Contract Law Case Study

    Business Tort and Contract Law Question 1 I. Dam Good as a business entity may be legally liable for the death of the pilot and the four passengers on board under ordinary and strict liability negligence. If the elements of these heads of tortious liability can be proved on a preponderance of evidence or on a balance of probabilities, then the estates of these victims could successfully claim from Dam Goods. According to Owen, in order to successfully prove liability in negligence, plaintiff…

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  • Cognitive Equations In Contract Law

    society that will occur and effect plans that are currently in place contract wise. Those obstacles can generally be resolved with little to no hesitation, but some can become a bit more challenging. For those that become more challenging, they quickly move from the area of being identified as obstacles to being considered damages. With that being said, punitive damages are “generally not awarded in an action for breach of contract,” according to Roger Miller. As many people prefer to be…

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  • Difference Between Criminal Law And Contract Law

    behaviour of individuals and associations, while choosing private rights and liabilities. Under this fall many subgroups of which tort and contract law can be found. Tort law can be defined as the law which may offer solutions to individuals and parties who have been affected by unreasonable actions and behaviours of others, and usually involve state law. Contract law can be defined as an agreement that creates responsibilities which are imposable by law. Civil law in its essence differs from…

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  • Olley V. Alastair: The Elements Of Contract Law

    agreement, through contract to receive a 30% bonus over his current wages for agreeing to sail back to New Zealand. In order for a contract to form it must meet the elements of a contract such as intent to create legal relations, offer, acceptance, valuable consideration, and certain terms (NZII). In the case of Olley v. Marlborough Ltd it was held that the contract for the room was made when they checked into the hotel at reception. There was a notice which was introduced after he contract had…

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