Voltage source

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  • Lightning Case Study 5.1

    current of 100 kA When lightning strikes on the shielding conductors the current induces a voltage on the phase conductors. Here we are generating a case of induced voltage on the line. The induced voltage then should be mitigated by shielding. Here we see a voltage of 155 kV has been induced due to the lightning strike on the phase line. Such induced voltages cause the sensitive…

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  • Analysis Of Using Maximum Power And Norton's Theorem

    But in Norton’s Theorem the equivalent circuit has a current source and a resistance in parallel with the load resistance (R_X). Continued on next page: HOW IS IT USED When using Norton’s Theorem the load resistance is removed and replaced with a short (wire) and points labeled A and B. The reason to label the points A and B is to show where the meter would measure the unknown voltage and current associated with the load resistance. Next the load resistor is placed into the Norton’s…

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  • Obedience According To Dr. Stanley Milgram's Study

    teacher and researcher went into the room next door that contained the electric shock generator box. The generator has a row of switches marked from 15 volts (Slight Shock) to 375 volts (Danger: Severe Shock) to 450 volts. The teacher (subject) would read the list of words and then test the learner’s (confederate) memory. The experimenter would administer an electric shock each time the learner (confederate) responded incorrectly. The subjects (teachers) were unaware that shocks were not…

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  • Electric Vehicle Research Paper

    Wires should not be connected to the vehicle chassis or body and used proper sealed component which prevent it from any contamination. High voltage wires should not be positioned with in the body pillars, roof or any outer sills and must not incorporate sharp bends. The electrical wiring within an electric vehicle which carries high voltage or current should be orange color, the conduct must be orange color. The electrical vehicle should have over-current protection system which are mounted…

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  • Christian Lous Lange: Source Analysis

    Source 1 is a statement created by Christian Lous Lange and it speaks strongly on the ideological perspective of internationalism. The source is opposing another form of nationalism since it starts off by comparing internationalism with another term by stating “on the contrary”, and this implies that the author is against nationalism because he is not in favour of its “one- sided” (ness) and how it is controlled by showing only one opinion or point of view without the consideration of…

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  • Student Debt Crisis Speech Reflection

    the sources for his future speeches. It seemed that in his speech, there had not quotation on his PowerPoint. I think it could be better if he showed one or two sources on the screen. To inform the audience something interesting from the quotation or to show something that will get a surprise from them. At most of the time, the speaker did say something interesting, but without showing to the audience, they will automatically forget it. By showing the source on the screen, it will reminds the…

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  • Why Nice Guys Finish Last Analysis

    and writings may not always be true, it’s always difficult to find credible sources. In the three articles “Why Nice Guys Finish Last” by Julia Serano, “Visible Man: Ethics in a World without Secrets” by Peter Singer, and “The Weirdest People in the World” by Joseph Henrich, they all represent different ways of how a source can be credible. Many authors and writers strive to make their work and sources credible for the audience, which is why using personal experience, developing a strong tone,…

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  • Nutrition Case Study

    With the abundance of information available to the public, deciphering between the legitimate and false material is critical to developing a truthful perspective. This means that every source requires investigation- even for knowledgeable professionals. This is the case in every field; however, in regard to healthcare, not only is it essential for quality improvement to ask the correct questions and conduct the right studies, but it is imperative to appropriately interpret and analyze…

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  • How I Remember My Information Essay

    Furthermore, if I overcame these hurdles, I could possibly never have an argument with my sister because we would talk out our opinions with facts that support our stance like civilized individuals. This would allow me to be open minded and make realize that my opinion is not always correct. The six questions that I need to know for this semester are: 1. Identify what you are reading, listening to, seeing – is it “news”, opinion, objective biased? 2. Who is the source? 3. How reliable and…

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  • Summary: Determinants Of Human Trafficking

    The first source was created by Diego Hernandez and Alexandra Rudolph, that highlighted “What dives human trafficking in Europe,” (Hernandez & Rudolph, 2015). For this sources, the authors needed to be able to evaluate the flow of trafficking into European countries. The authors obtained their information by “collecting statistics from national institutions across Europe that produced TIP reports,” (Hernandez & Rudolph, 2015). The statistics included “official anti-trafficking centers, national…

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